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    Nothing much to say, I play a lot of games
    I love Photography!! can spend hours with a professional camera..
    I love Gadgets, Electronics, things that are mechanical, anything which runs on ELECTRICITY!!
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    Still a student


  • CPU
    Core i7 3770
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B75M-D3H
  • RAM
    32GB G-Skill
  • GPU
    GTX 760
  • Case
    HP Phoenix OEM case
  • Storage
    3x2TB WD Green
  • Cooling
    Corsair H80i
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013
  • Mouse
    HP wireless mouse
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro
  1. Colour is a bit too harsh! but I bet that's gonna change in the final build!
  2. My media centre PC (Corsair corsair carbide 400r case) 2 fans on H80i 2 intake on front 2 exhaust on top 2 more intake on sides which are usually off 1 GPU fan
  3. Mine: 2 LED fans on CPU cooler 1 rear red LED exhaust fan 1 PSU fan 2 Fans on the GPU Total 6 fans
  4. Not bad dude! but just tooo many issues with this right now dont you think??
  5. I have BitFenix Spectre Pro led fans they are quite nice, blue ones look really cool
  6. That's awesome! hope everything goes smoothly! Waiting for pics if everything works out you will have a silent PC with lower temps on your GPU at the end of the day I bet the stock paste must have dried up.
  7. Yup my card came with 1 year warranty but double check yours some manufacturers give 3 year warranty too. I have not personally tried nzxt G10 so I dont know how it will turn out. I searched the internet and yes 290x DCU-II does overheat there are people who complain about high temps on this card.. damn Asus should recognize the problem.
  8. Well, I used Arctic Silver 5 on my GPU! its much better than the stock pink color compound the GPU had. Oh and how many more months of warranty you have left? I redid mine when my card had 2 months of warranty left.
  9. That would be awesome if you can get a friend to try the card in his PC. At least you will get to know if its a bad PCI-E slot or the card has gone bad. Or just wait for your second card to arrive and if that works properly in your computer then your old card is probably faulty, but that's very unlikely because I have seen PCI-E slot gone bad before on my old computer but the GPU was fine.
  10. Could you try your card on another computer? It can be the PCI-E slot since you said it works if you refit it.
  11. Wow nice looking PC and that card looks a beast! My cabinet is soo much smaller and crammed than yours and still my temps on my GTX760 never goes above 71-75. Oh and yes I did reapply my cards thermal compound after several days of rethinking lol. But still you should not do it as long as the card is under warranty because if something happens to your card you wont be able to RMA it.(just to be safe )
  12. Thats strange DirectCU II should not run that hot.. maybe post a picture of your PC internals and lets see how much space there is inside? Also are you using any software to OC it? try to crank up the fan a bit. PS: yes it will void the warranty if you take the screws off unfortunately
  13. True that! if its a reference card then nothing is wrong, also if you replace the thermal compound that will void your warranty.
  14. Hello! I feel 660 is a pretty old card now, though the price is very tempting! but I would not recomend buying that since its old. I'd say save up some money and buy a GTX 960 its faster and is of the latest Nvidia maxwell architecture. Cheers