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  1. So, I have a desk, and on this desk is a screen, some generic 16:9 1080p screen. But this screen is lonely, and needs a partner in crime. Now to cut to the chase, I am looking for the smallest flat screen monitor that I can get my hands on. I used to have a 3:4 dell monitor that was given to almost everyone who purchased a basic PC 5-4 years ago and it seems to fit my needs perfectly, but as fate would have it, I gave it to a friend who I built a PC for. He now uses it as a secondary screen and refuses to let me steal it back due to it being one of the few cheapo screens that has an adjustable height and rotation. Here is some store page of one, But I don't think its the same model name because the 1703FP seems to have a semi circle base, where as the one I was looking for is the one seen in the pictures. https://cfiestore.com/monitors/dell_flat_panel_color_monitor/mondel02sgtd/dell_ultrasharp_1703fp_1734_tft_flat_panel_color_monitor.html I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get one?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my case, currently I'm using a HAF 912, and I'm looking into getting some legit water cooling into my system (Triple rad + Dual Rad min) and will most likely stay with a red theme. A Window is pretty much necessary at this point. I don't need anything like Dual PSU capable case, but I still want to have Water cooling options open. I've had a bit of a look around but Aust stores don't stock many full towers so I don't see much.
  3. A while ago linus made a video on a gaming mouse which he then did an unboxing for, in the first video that was uploaded to company's youtube channel. They did a sort of parody of how they designed the mouse, this involved A "Prototype" that slick crated with spare keys and wires, I'm looking to buy a new mouse aimed for FPS Players and I remember that one but I can't figure out the name or video it was in. Any leads would be great.
  4. So I just ordered a 780, and here in Australia we often get horrible prices so I ended up having to pay $800 for it. I was wondering if the 680 was around the same price as the 780 is now when it launched, because I'd like to know just if/how fast the price will drop.
  5. Turns out that it was a faulty card, sent it back to get fixed and it all works fine. Thanks for the help anyway.
  6. So I was playing a game of ArmA 2 and randomly my PC crashes. Apon restart I got the BSOD, I can run windows in safe mode and i have figured out that it was the drivers for my 680. Although I managed to get windows working again I cant do much without the drivers, and i cant even get my on board to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ZipZip

    CTRL + V Game

    http://imgur.com/u95adMk sending reddit links to a couple friends.
  8. It looks so weird, I'd rather it not be folding and just have the joysticks and screen next to each other.
  9. good luck finding a 670 under $250.....
  10. ZipZip

    Older FPS's

    Unreal Tournament, My fav FPS of all time.
  11. I'm looking to get an extreme4 and a 3770k, I'll try and get 4.5ghz with a H100i, but how much higher can I go?
  12. What games do you play and what FPS have you been getting?
  13. Yet again consoles screw us over...