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  1. Hello there, I've followed der b8uer's video tutorial a while back and changed my bios for the 4 GHz Turbo boost. Everything has worked perfectly for a long time until recently where it just would only boost to 3.7 GHz instead of 4 GHz? What happened? Something after a Windows 10 Update changed? Is Windows 10 now running everything in AVX? Hm, I've just reset the offset from 3 to Auto back but nothing changed, just getting 3.7 GHz instead of 4, even though in the BIOS it says Turbo 4 GHz for both instructions...
  2. Are there communities where people have better knowledge of harddrives and ssds? I don't mean this in a bad way but I think this board focuses more on the average consumer.
  3. It is based on the cpu input voltage. I did a tweak already here but was wondering if it could be improved upon?
  4. What are healthy core, cache and vrm voltages for the 6900k?
  5. Yeah but I'd like to know reasonable figures because to me, 25% seems to be a bit much?
  6. Or go with the recommended 10%? So I assume the 25% is overly overprovisioned?
  7. Hello there, What's the most reasonable SSD Over-Provisioning? I have mostly 950 drives and one 950 Pro.
  8. Have you ever tried copying more than 4 GB and checked how well it buffers?
  9. Hello there, Can I still set up my already used drive to an 80% partition size with a fresh Windows 10 install? Is defragmentation required?
  10. The issue actually occurs with all my drives, also internal, but the question is, whether anybody would ever notice this given that the average consumer doesn't copy big files.
  11. Is it because I didn't leave free, non-formated space for my ssd? When I created the partitions, I always used all the space. It looks like a cache runs out and then it drops? Or does it defragment in the background while copying?
  12. This is my 950 Pro copying. All my internal drives behave that way, I have about 7 installed. They start at the expected speed and drop off after a while and do a small wave up and down.
  13. Yeah, same thing happens, steady first few seconds and then drops down in a wave.
  14. Kingston, the cheapest, but I noticed it happens with my internal drives as well, just less severe.