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  1. Hi, How do you feel about the MSI MAG251RX versus the Asus' PG259QN? It looks like the response time of the MSI MAG251RX seems to be more consistent across all refresh-rates?
  2. Well, I've tried to go for something that is more universal and less of a "mechanical keyboard" even though I owned a KDBfans slim profile keyboard with silent red switches. I do like the fact that the Apple Magic Keyboard or Mx keys are very light and easy to put on and off your desk, I just wish the mx keys came with a 60% version. I suppose I was looking for something slim, wireless and something that doesn't take up too much space. The only upsight from using the mx key is that it is not clunky and you can easily stow it away but it is hard to use a full size keyboa
  3. Hi, I've been looking at buying a new wireless keyboard and concluded my search with the MX Keys and the Apple Magic Keyboard. I really gravitate towards the mx keys because of it's wireless dongle feature which is a lot more consistent than bluetooth (I remember having troublesome issues with using the Apple Magic Keyboard via Bluetooth), blacklight and overall probably more comfort when typing. However, using a 60% keyboard on a regular basis, the full design of the MX keys is really putting me off. Can you help me to figure out which one to ge
  4. Why now the 16th, nobody has said this so far, would be worth mentioning...
  5. That sounds nice, I guess mx aren't an option because they are only red and speed plus way higher than the khali so their switches would make a lot more sense.
  6. Alright so I have to correct myself, any keyboard that has low profile switches that are similar to my browns / Logitech tactile. I'd love a keyboard that allows to swap them by hand like the Logitech G Pro X.
  7. Which are the best low profile brown switches with the least amount of possible errors?
  8. Howdy fellas, I am on the hunt for low profile mx brown keyboards; although I've already have the G915 TKL here, I'm not 100% happy with it it's switches and proprietary keycaps instead of traditional mx cherry. I do dig my Drop Alt but I'm going to return it as well because I never really liked the height of mechanical keyboards, although I had switched to a Corsair K70 a few years ago after years of low profile non-mechanical Logitech ones, eventually got used to it and saw my typing improve and actually am feeling more comfortable with the Drop Alt from the getgo, it
  9. I feel like a lot of your projects are baseless without actual wattage information, given air coolers dissipate heat a lot more efficiently until they can't dissipate the heat fast enough anymore which leads to a loop of increasing temperature. Like.... what was the CPU used... at which wattage did it run... I am really not trying to be offensive but the quality of your reviews has become very mediocre. But you're not the only ones, considering many other "professional" outlets testing these coolers with their 4 year old CPU instead of picking something like
  10. I feel like you can get better OC results with the 7820x than with the 9800x, even though it comes with a higher clock out of the box. Not to mention it gets hot as hell. If you think the 9900k is hot, then forget about the x299 platform my friend. If you really need more horse power than the 9900k, then Ryzen is for you, don't go with x299, it is terrible and was from the getgo. The only fine "enthusiast" platform was / is x99. If you want all the lanes then go with the 6950x and x99. I've actually just switched from my 6900k on x99 to the 9900k on z390, was a very good choice. Th
  11. It does make a difference when I put it to 1344 obviously, which is still lots of load.
  12. But then again, is maybe my stress testing too tough? I'm doing 12k small ffts in Prime 95 and I saw der b8uer testing his CPUs on 1344?
  13. I saw a delidded 9900k with custom IHS going under 1.2v so yeah But I'm wondering whether i'm stressing my CPU too much with Prime 95 FFT 12 because der b8uer is running 1344 and I only benched my 6900k back in the day with 1344 either. Maybe I should test it with 1344?
  14. Yeah but going from 4.8 at 1.225 to 4.9 at 1.29 is huge? Like, it's not worth putting that much voltage on it for mere a 100 MHz merit and having to deal with high temps. With 4.8 at 1.225, it runs 80 degrees package temp Prime 95 AVX full load on a Noctua NH-U12A.
  15. Hello there, I've been overclocking my 9900k and realized it's running with 1.225 volts at 4.8 GHz but only starts to be stable with 4.9 starting at 1.29 volts, is that normal or may I have to tweak something because the gap here from one to another speed is huge in terms of what voltage I have to add.