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  1. NoGravityPanda

    What programming languages should i jump into

    I would say that you should learn C as one of your first languages. it will teach you a lot more about how computers and memory work, and it can do basically everything with the right knowledge and tools. I know python, and I would say that it's syntax is too unique for it to be your first language, one of the advantages of python is it's english like lines of code. And getting used to that would make moving to other languages difficult. What I mean is: Checking if a character is in a string: python: character = 'N' if character in string: print("The character is in the string!") else: print("The character is not in the string!") C: char character = 'N'; char string[] = "No Jason, that would kill someone!!!Q@#@$R"; int i = 0; for(i=0; i<strlen(string); i++) { if (string[i] == character) { printf("Character in string!"); } } Do you see what I mean? I feel like python is too simple to be a first language.
  2. NoGravityPanda

    C# noob needs help

    Don't have any experience with unity, but from what I'm getting you need to initialize an instance of the class "enemy" A class is not a variable nor an object, it is rather a blueprint for an object, containing all of the functions and variables that define the object.
  3. NoGravityPanda

    How to progress in Java without getting bored to death?

    Move to C or C++, I learned Java and it's an incredibly boring language. I would move to C because you would learn way more with it, OOP might be cool but it's good to learn the older but still relevant stuff also.
  4. NoGravityPanda


    This usually means that you don't have a wifi card installed. Open your computer if you can, check if you have a wifi card installed in one of your PCIE slots and check your motherboard model name and look up if it has wifi onboard. if neither apply then you will connect via an Ethernet cable and just buy a wifi card later down the road. If you do have wifi onboard or a wifi card then this means you don't have the correct drivers. What you can do is connect the computer to your router with a cable, and download your wifi card's drivers via the manufacturer's website.
  5. NoGravityPanda

    My New Build - Where can I save more?

    Switched to Western Digital Blue WDS250G1B0A 250GB, is that good?
  6. NoGravityPanda

    My New Build - Where can I save more?

    it's the cheapest case I can find in Israel that's compatible
  7. NoGravityPanda

    My New Build - Where can I save more?

    Sorry, fixed
  8. So, I'm a 16 year old in Israel, (currency is NIS), and I thought of this build - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HjNVTH now, in Israel prices of components are high and I want to know where can I save money I plan to be gaming 1080p, programming, and maybe folding @ home. In Israel the price of this build would be around 1500$, and that doesn't include a copy of windows. So where do you guys think can I save money? (I mean a cheaper product that offers the same features) Thanks.
  9. NoGravityPanda

    Recommend some good books to read while on a month long break from work

    The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy is really good. You can buy the ultimate version which has all of the books in it.
  10. NoGravityPanda

    Ubuntu 17.04 released

    No more unity? Just when it was getting good...
  11. NoGravityPanda

    horrible best buy story

    There is no difference in gold plated cables from non gold plated cables. Since HDMI is digital and not analog, it does not matter.
  12. If they do only find unicellular organisms it is still the first life form found by us outside of earth and not on an asteroid, this means that a planet is at least somewhat habitable, and that excites me.
  13. Source: http://www.sciencealert.com/here-s-how-and-when-nasa-will-finally-destroy-cassini This move, as unfortunate and sad as it is, must be done. Cassini has discovered an ocean of salt water in one of Saturn's moons, Enceladus. Researchers think that there may be life on that moon, so therefore they chose to crash Cassini into Saturn before it runs out of fuel and may crash into Enceladus. But it is not yet the end of Cassini, the plan is to gather as much data as possible until the end at September of this year, Cassini will give us a further look at Saturn's south and north poles, with their raging hurricanes, furthermore, it will measure the size of it's rings, and lastly, it will measure the composition of Saturn's atmosphere and broadcast it back to earth.
  14. NoGravityPanda

    Bf3 frame drops and graphical glitches. Gtx 1080

    No, you have 8 of those because your processor has 8 threads.
  15. NoGravityPanda

    Bf3 frame drops and graphical glitches. Gtx 1080

    Then try to do so, maybe that causes the problem. Look up on how to delete old drivers.