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  1. 73 when GPU in heavy load and OC Mode with gpu tweak
  2. I currently have Antec P100 ,2 fans front and 1 back all from noctua. but with the GPU rog 1080 it gets HOT. I dont need or want led lights, so i was thinking about the P110Silent but the reviews online basicly killing it and the airflow is really bad according to reviews.
  3. Redsiskin

    Android WiFi issue

    cool hope it works out 4 you
  4. Redsiskin

    Android WiFi issue

    Did you see any drops while wifi analyzer running ? leave it for a few minutes and check the graphs. Does he offer better channels? like 1 or 6? did you disabled the power saving mode in the advanced wifi settings ? the problem with LG is that its hard to replace (i dont recommend this company to anyone for personal use after the issues i had with the WiFi on the V10). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3SHuJnXMaU
  5. Redsiskin

    Android WiFi issue

    please try channel 11 if possible, check that the device is not blocked on the router. i had same issue with the V10 that never solved till this day, i do have G3 that i didn't used for a long time(but i don't remember WiFi connection issues). try some of this suggestions maybe you already did but worth check again https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/how-to-fix-the-lg-g3-wi-fi-won-t-connect-or-dropping-634054/ Wifi Analyzer‏ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer
  6. Redsiskin

    Android WiFi issue

    Router Channel ? some channels have issues in certain models and country like for me 1-11 is good and above that some of my old devices used 4 software testing have issues picking up. 2.4mhz or 5mhz ? some devices have issues with 5g old models Device Model ? did you tried this https://www.wikihow.com/Reset-Network-Settings-on-Android
  7. I tried to run virus scan cuze some suggestion online say its corrupted explorer.exe and /mfc but nothing broken or need a fix, i also tried to delete all icons cache but nothing seem to fix this isuue unless i restart 2-3 times but then its come back again& again. here an image that might help you guys to see what i am talking about. (the displayed icon is for Logitech app)
  8. Do i need to say that Samsung support was useless they just stick to basic or say send us the drive.
  9. I will try but its very old
  10. My SSD got somehow hardware locked. I cant Boot if i change sata ports, i cant format the device either. Motherboard ASUS A-II, Windows 10x64 1803 any help would be great.
  11. How is IP being configured? What is Rdp? How you can enable a computer to use Rdp? What is device manager? What information can you see in it? What is a shared folder? How you can create one? In one of the company’s projects there is a Lan of 3 computers, which communicate one with another. While preforming a routine inspection you found out that two out of the 3 computers can’t communicate. Describe how can you isolate the problem and solve it.
  12. Redsiskin

    SSD or HDD?

    i cant go back to HDD i got a lot of help here and decided to built new PC only on SSD and i got 850 evo 1 TB which is more then enough for me and for all the games i play.