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  1. i think that's the problem i have right now...no name brand connectors.
  2. Just wondering if there is any difference between using this plug vs normal crimped plug ? I always have issues with the crimped plugs ...now my cable doesn't transfer data above 100mb thinking about getting this tool-less plugs but should i ?
  3. Should i get connectors like that ? i always have issue when i use crimping tools.
  4. Link speed (reception / transmission): 1000/1000 (Mbps) Manufacturer: Intel Description: Intel (R) Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V Driver version:
  5. on the cable it state "S-STP PIMF CAT6 PATCH CABLE 75C ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B COMPLIENT ISO/IEC 11801 VERIFIED " using network tester [shity one from ebay as pic] it show one side 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-g on the other side it skip 4-5-6 but the connector brand new and the wires are in the right order 568b
  6. thanks ill give it a try but i think i need something a bit more advanced to connect to remote server in EU for the ping and latency test...
  7. you enabled all the sata in asus bios ? i had same issue...i enabled all sata ports then assigned letter in windows 10...diskmgmt.msc
  8. wow thanks a lot everyone...yes i need it for wordpress!
  9. i got connected to fiber optic network [ISP] now i am getting 3000 ping and latency 300 +. The ISP claim its my issue so i want to connect laptop with monitor tools directly to their socket that will proof its not my side...by the way with VDSL the ping was 60 and latency close to 0. so i will be grateful if someone have tool that record ping high and low, latency high low, speeds anything that will help me prove this. i cant even talk on discord i hear only part of the words...super annoying (added image show debug screen). Thank guys have great day.
  10. Thank you guys so much for the effort in response I really appreciate it.
  11. just tried it unlike wordpress.org on wordpress.com adding plugins cost money...
  12. “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”
    George Orwell, 1984
  13. I am trying to setup a WordPress website with free hosting but so far i got only headache misery and pain... I tried infinityfree which suspend my account for 24hrs every 5 posts i made for using too much CPU and I/O PHP and bunch of stuff... I tried freehostingnoads which not working properly and the site have too many down time after few posts it redirect me to reinstall WordPress...after few minutes and refresh it goes back to normal... i got tired signup to all this "free" hosting websites and decide to get help... hopefully here is
  14. I switched back to original location. I cant find bus utilisation so i uploaded the logs. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  15. damn but when i connect it to the first slot it almost touching the noctua n15 which is huge have to replace it sometime soon its killing the case airflow with it size
  16. Wtf why its running on x8 ? its connected where the red box what should i do ?
  17. I wonder if its the game fault or something with my Intel system. Intel 6800k / 1070 TI VS AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz MSI Radeon RX 570 8 GB ARMOR OC both 32gb ram and samsung 970 evo pro and 1TB evo 850 on the Intel PC i change the Dram location to D1 B1 recently on the Asus Aii x99 MB and the GPU location to the PCIX 3 cuze it was over heating the all pc and clocked the air fllow with noctua N15 which is huge but i dont think it causing the FPS issue. The game use 40% GPU and 20-60% CPU
  18. it won't give me the option to remove it in the advanced option on both last update removal
  19. Yes last night + connected new mouse razer basilisk + installed app synaps 3
  20. getting this blue screen, happened before but was fixed with restarting. Now all options failing in the advanced options (like restore,mfc) and i have few docs that i must retrieve normally i have them on backup drive but this time i left them so i really don't want to format like i would otherwise. Please help thanks