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    Vienna, Austria


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    Core i5 6600k
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    Asus Z170-K
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
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    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G
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    Corsair Carbide Series 400C

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  1. My laptop currently has 4gb 2400mhz single channel ram. I just wanted to add 8gb single channel ram. But the technician is saying that 4 + 8gb combo is harmful and may cause lap problems.Do they?

    1. greenmax


      I have done that, and it was fine. put the two 4GB sticks in the white slots and the two 8GB sticks in the black slots. ( or vice versa).

  2. Hey guys, Ill make it short. First off: thanks for taking the time. Thinking of buying a new laptop. I produce music, and make music videos too. I have a powerful desktop if things should get real sticky (that Ill use, say if things get laggy or should I require faster export times; or other example, mixing and mastering my songs). For work I use adobe acrobat, word, excel, outlook extensively and do note taking / reading on an ipad pro (10.5 120hz). Since Im used to having the latter, a high refresh rate, bright screen would be amazing. My plan is to just ditch all the devices I got now and get 1 object that just does it all and period. Im sick of moving data around and not finding notes or reminders, cause devices dont sync etc etc (or apps just log you out after an update; like outlook on iOS). What can you recommend? "dream" laptop - bright, high refresh rate, touch screen; pref 1080p or 1440p - optimally 2in1 design (for writing on the screen, like on paper) - powerful CPU (thinking of H series, with a Throttlestop "power saving" profile for when im not plugged in); preferrably new ryzen tho (cheaper / energy efficiency? I'd have to read up this topic though, so dont worry about intel/amd too much now) - dedicated GPU (1660 ti - 2060 ish? I would not go for max q, since I think it takes too much of a performance hit) - pen - good touchpad, and keyboard - solid IO - excellent cooling - that if I use like a "save energy" profile under windows / equivalent manual setting in Throttlestop - doesnt make any noise when idle (library) or when in DAW (recording vocals) You got any ideas? I greatly appreciate your time and help! Greetings, Chris
  3. Hey guys, recently played a few League of Legends games. All of a sudden my 2 screens go blue ish, cant really describe the color. The PC was still running and all of a sudden started making beep sounds, probably like 5-10 in a row, no pattern or pauses or sth. After about 10s the game was back up and running. While that lost me the matchup, im more worried bout the pc haha. Since Ive never had this happen (compared to ALOT of "usual" BSOD bs like memory management -> thanks win10) what was that? I mean the pc just returned to flawless 144hz gaming after that? doesnt make any sense to me and I couldnt find anything on the web. The beeping sound came from the speakers, not the motherboard! Any ideas where to start troubleshooting? Id be super thankful. (r5 3600, 8gb single channel (waiting for black friday), gtx 1070, b450m gaming plus by MSI, quad case cooling set up, processor cooler is still stock (waiting for noctua deal)) (everything up to date, fresh win10 install, had lol, its launcher and chrome running) thanks in advance and greetings! Chris
  4. - CPU properly installed (checked twice) - heatsink sits perfectly (temps are normal) - memory cleaned (different DIMM slots tried) - dont see the necessity of memtest since its very unlikely that all three of these 8 gb sticks are faulty. The Vengeance ram has worked perfectly in my 6600k system - i cant install Windows with UEFI, since the MB wont recognize / boot into the USB stick with it on. The USB stick is of course formatted in FAT32.
  5. Hey guys, so Im really in desperate need of help over here, getting Ryzen 3600 up and running. Quick recap, so you know where I'm at: - Started off on Wednesday with: out of the box 3000 ready B450 board (MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max) - After initial setup of windows: kept getting BSODs and had programs crashing etc. [MSI Live Update apparently did not pull the latest BIOS version. So I tried to manually update the latter, which I could only get running after complete disassembly and using the Flashback option on my board] - I get back into Windows 10, everything updated etc.: but still random BSODs, programs just shutting down, or not opening up at all. - I've used: chkdsk sfc /scannow DISM commands (the one that gets missing data from online, dont remember it right now but I can look up if necessary) sfc then said there were no issues detected anymore atfer reinstalling League of Legends, I got crashes again and sfc reported faulty data yet again - So I have turned to the hardware side of things: another one of my SSDs is now in use [The SSD has been formatted on my laptop and worked as a boot drive flawlessly before - on my older 6600k system] - I get into WIN10 install utility and proceed to select Win 10 pro. - At like 80% of the 2nd install step, i get a popup basically saying Windows couldnt be installed "Error code: 0x8007025d" - I google that, seems to be an issue with RAM. - I swap out my Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 Mhz, for a backup ddr4 stick I once bought on sale, thinking another machine was broken. [Ballistix sport Gaming Memory 2400 Mhz] So at this point I have: a new board new cpu backup ram in use changed the SSD All I actually migrated is the PSU and GPU (which wasnt the point of the upgrade in the first place.....) I successfully installed win 10 pro and immediately go to windows update, not installing any programs etc. so I hopefully dont get any software conflicts that bring me back to the sfc and dism debacle. Like the 2nd thing being installed (within Windows Update - some cumulative update, i think 1903) freezes at 73%. The PC doesnt really respond anymore. I was able to move the window of Windows Update around, but i couldnt minimize it, right click on homescreen or taskbar etc. So I shut the PC down, check my BIOS settings. Everything set to auto, Speeds and Voltages seem all alright. Temperatures are ok. There seems to be no wrong setting or failing hardware. (I have AHCI and CSM with legacy support enabled. Selecting UEFI wouldnt let me boot into the Win 10 setup on the USB stick in the first place) Windows boots up successfully and gets back to updating and actually finishes one update. Then it said "requires a restart". So I do that since I wanna do everything step by step and just get this damn machine up and running. Now Im stuck in a Shut down -> POST beep (I knew why to activate that -.-) -> Win attempting to repair -> Blackscreen and repeat. Im really at my limits. I never had to check my BIOS this many times, thinking I did sth wrong. I didnt even spend as much time in BIOS or Windows Setup Process overclocking, let alone initially setting up my 6600k. And back then, that was my first PC. Please tell me what to do now, since my troubleshooting just doesnt cut it apparently. Im running in circles. I thought that after a couple of months everything would be at least stable enough to get it running. Its been like 20 hrs tinkering with this machine and despite the great value Ryzen offers, Im about to ditch this whole accumulation of worries and problems and get a fkn mac mini for christs sake. I just wanted more performance for making music (SMT). I was so excited. Deciding between 3600 and 3700x took me months. But by the time I get this load of *** running, I could probably already have recorded a whole album on my laptop about how horrifying ryzen 3000 was to me - at least so far. This is the first time Im just really tilted and out of solution - attempts PC wise, so I apologize for my salty attitude here I hope you guys understand. Y'all are my last resort before i return this machine tomorrow, cuz these 300 bucks definitely didnt make me wanna throw 500 tantrums a day. Greetings, Chris!
  6. my mistake thank you very much for your help. I did some more research audio interface wise and Im just ditching thunderbolt. Im getting an msi b450 gaming plus. Has bios flashback and shld be mostly the same as a tomahawk (which isnt available right now -.-). im saving those 100 (and more) bucks
  7. good to hear that its working fine for you. some people are describing horrible noise. theres a vid on YT of an x570 taichi and that sounds like an overheated, dust filled, crap pc from 2002 lol why did you personally choose x570? if i may ask
  8. example @Herman Mcpootis B450 Gaming Plus (seems to be highly appreciated) VRM: 6 reale Phasen (4+2), PWM-Controller: RT8894A (max. 6 Phasen) MOSFETs CPU 8x 46A 4C029N/4C024N MOSFETs SoC 4x 46A 4C029N/4C024N ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 VRM: 6 reale Phasen (4+2), PWM-Controller: uP9505P (max. 6 Phasen) MOSFETs CPU 8x 55A SM4337/SM4336 MOSFETs SoC 2x 55A SM4337/SM4336 Now, I cant evaluate this. But it seems to only really be different when it comes to the mosfets for the system on chip. what does it mean that its only 2x instead of 4x? it has higher A tho and might be technically different - in lower or higher quality or say.. more sophisticated and hence not needing 4x? idk - thats my problem haha seems like a nice board, I like the design too. However, it doesnt seem to have a TB3 header thats required for the ASRock TB3 card. As far as I know right now thats the only way to get TB3 on AM4 platform. https://www.asrock.com/mb/spec/product.asp?Model=Thunderbolt 3 AIC#Overview http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/QIG/B450 Steel Legend_multiQIG.pdf
  9. point is tho, that I want proper quality thats say "adequate for its price class" however, before ryzen 3000 I havent noticed too much attention to the topic of mosfets, and VRMs and power stages or whatever (dont really understand all that fully) Since 3000 runs on garbage a320 boards just fine idk... i dont wanna fall into a trap and basically spend 220€ for pcie 4 which i wont use, tb3 which i just might use, wifi 6, bt5 and a fancy design. i can get anything i need with a pcie expansion card - except for TB 3 which'd be useful for higher end audio gear (latency) im not a native speaker so I cant really say if his post was that offensive. but I think we can all be peaceful round here I appreciate both of your guys' time answering me. im tempted to just cr*p on x570 and get a b450 (msi gaming plus) with bios flashback. mostly the fans on them seem to be a problem what is your experience with the fan @quakeguy81?
  10. k. I've already seen a YT video recently of someone being very unhappy with these offerings. However, what I ask myself is this: If these boards have been (power wise esp) improved for 3000 series Ryzen, then how much worse can they be compared to older boards like say a B350 or B450. kinda like "lower tier medium quality = higher tier lower quality" seems tho, that ppl r having major issues with the taichi fan noise and most find the phantom and pro 4 bad. Id skip this generations whole fan debacle asap, if I wasnt interested in that TB3 header. -.-
  11. Hey guys, any of you using X570 boards from ASrock? Id be interested in your thoughts about general quality, the fan quality and noise, as well as the BIOS functionality. Specifically Im thinking about getting either - Phantom Gaming 4 (170€) - Taichi (320€) dont need PCIe 4.0, I'd choose em for their Thunderbolt 3 header, in case I get better Audio Production gear some time later. Also they all seem to have LAN "by Intel" - to be very unspecific here. People call the latter alot better than Realtek alternatives. B450 Tomahawk is a bummer, since apparently two of the four Sata ports dont work, if you actively use the NVME M.2 slot any good alternatives? Id get a 3600 or 3700x Greetings, chris
  12. Hey guys, I need your help with deciding my upgrade path. Im on Z170-K and 6600k right now. So CPU wise for now a 3600 wld be sufficient. 3700x could come in handy as Im making music. 1. Would you... - A: Buy Ryzen 5 3600 and see how my workloads develop. [209€] If I need more multicore performance, I can still upgrade to that and if I do itll be 4000 series, which will probably have other improvements as well, maybe even another bump in single core performance. So I'd not only jump another tier, but also generation. - B: Buy Ryzen 7 3700x, enjoy slight edge in gaming and be prepared for any realistic future music making and gaming demands. [350€] Id mostly not consider Ryzen 4000 anymore in this case, unless its gonna be vastly better energy, overclocking or SC performance wise. What if ryzen 4000 gets a "likeable" bump in single core performance though - that'd come in handy for gaming as well as making music, since DAWs profit from that? I'd mostly miss out on the latter, as I wont jump from hexa 3000 to octa 4000 but from octa core to octa core in this scenario. There will probably be less possible justification for doing the latter. I think 3900x is definitely overkill for now. Id only buy it if I really know I do need its computing power. 2. Would you... - A: Buy B450 and ditch many features apart from PCIe 4.0 [100€] - B: Buy X570 Taichi by ASrock [320€] with the possibility of TB3 (essential for music production if I upgrade devices!!!), guaranteed 4000 series support and probably easier taming of a 12core or 16core tier should I need that, BT5.0 (which I'd actually use), Wifi 6, M.2 Cooling already there, better IO, better build quality, the better Intel Lan, flashback button and other quality of life features, the possibility of PCIe 4.0. I know your probably asking yourself: why the Taichi mate? Well, its actually the build quality, intel lan, bluetooth and TB3 that I'm after. Therefor, I dont even consider like a 190€ X570 Prime or sth like that. As I'd mostly effectively pay 90ish € for PCIe 4.0 only, which out of all these upsides (apart from better VRMs than B450) is the least attractive one to me. As far as I've seen, the Taichi is the cheapest one with TB3 support out there. Prices: 1.A + 2.A = ~309€ gets me a CPU upgrade but a MB downgrade feature and quality wise (realtek instead of intel lan etc) and the board probably wont be able to handle 12 and 16 core 4000 series, if it handles 4000 series at all. Also, if I ever need TB3 or PCIe 4.0 I need to upgrade. If I need bluetooth or wifi, Ill have to look at an ugly dongle all the time, but I could live with that. 1.B + 2.A = ~ 450€ gets me the same Motherboard downsides, but an amazing CPU. I probably wont consider 4000 series then anymore, and if I dont up my music making and game developers dont start favoring octa over hexa core, Ill have overspent cpu wise. (150 bucks) 1.A + 2.B = 529€ gets me a decent CPU upgrade and a MB with all the features I could ever think of needing + just better feel, quality and stuff like bluetooth and wifi 6 without going through any hassle. Its fan is higher quality than a low end X570 board. Should I need more computing power, 4000 series will more likely be compatible than with B450 - especially the higher tier 12 and 16 core models. Should I not end up needing more computing power, but just TB3 then I dont need to do anything but buy a TB3 card. And all the while I can enjoy BT, Intel Lan, better look and quality, better IO, possibility of using PCIe 4.0 etc. 1.B + 2.B = 670€ another whopping 140 bucks more than 3600 and X570. Quite expensive already to the point where im not sure if getting a 3900x and B450 wouldve been the better option (529+100€ = 629!!!!, gets me a 12 core instead of a hexa core) what do you guys think? I have some sort of blockade, I dont know which combination to get anymore. I really appreciaty any help haha Greetings, Chris #spoiledLifeProblems
  13. yeah Ive read online, that most peoples' experience is that its never actually running, so I wouldnt worry bout it too much. I think Ill go for X570 and 3900x as well. As Ive seen, temps should be at max around 80ish 85ish under heavy loads. Whats tempting about the 3700x in contrast, is its low power draw.
  14. Hi there looks like a very very nice (and long awaited) build !! Cant wait for you to post some pictures. I am currently running a 2016 setup, with a 1070 which I definitely want to keep. I dont need more GPU horsepower. However, I started making music alot and the 6600k is showing its lack of Hyperthreading there. Id be very interested in your thoughts about: - 3900x general performance and temperature - x570 chipset fan Im still torn between saving some money and going for B450+3600, or going x570 with a 3700x or 3900x. Id appreciate your thoughts, if you wanna chat about these things I dont want to be annoying though and "overtake" this post of yours with my own buying decision making. Liebe Grüße aus Wien
  15. Hey thanks for the reply - Ill look into getting my server to paper. Lag fixes are the main reason I am running 1.14.4 at all, since I thought that if any - it would be patches fixing some of the older issues. - Ill consider downgrading, in order to get the Job (i think its called "Jobs Revived") Plugin working. That will only require 1.14.4 -> 1.14 though. Why would you advise going down to 1.13.2? or rephrased: What other plugins do you think I should use? - and my biggest issue: since Im not capable of establishing an economy with GemsEconomy and MorphShops, which economy plugin would you advise me to get? All I want is a server wide currency, people having a balance, people being forced to pay with that currency. (unless they wanna just gift or trade otherwise ofc) thank you so much. Even if none of this works, a stable experience is worth alot - so the advice to get Paper is already highly appreciated!