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    Core i5 6600k
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    Asus Z170-K
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
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    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G
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    Corsair Carbide Series 400C

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  1. wait for that sweet 500GB-1TB-2TB Sata SSD deal on amazon (or any other offer for that matter). add HDD if u need more / wait for a higher storage SSD deal (->2TB) I'd advise not to go with anything less than a 500 GB ssd. regarding m.2 nvmes: as seoz has already pointed out - it wld probably be overkill. edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_ATA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NVM_Express#M.2 Any "newer" MB will have plenty SATA ports and usually 1 or 2 slots where you can insert a nvme drive. The latter are - simply put - quite fast, and usually found in higher end laptops, enthusiast pcs, small form factor pcs, and overkill gaming rigs lol Just like you probably wont be able to utilize PCIe 4 bandwith advantage, exceeding the speed limits of a "regular" sata ssd will probably not be of any real world effect for you, other than your slimmer wallet hope that was of any help, feel free to ask any further questions and have a good one, yall! greetings, chris!
  2. Chris V

    1080p @144 Hz or 1440p @60Hz?

    personally Im using 1440p 144Hz. I appreciate both "advantages" over 1080p 60hz. If I had to choose, Id side with going for 144Hz. Thats much more noticeable than the resolution alone. However, it always depends on budget, workloads, and preferences in the end. high quality 1440p 144hz will probably stay in your room / office for longer, but its quite expensive tbh.
  3. Chris V

    RX 580 for secondary build, or wait?

    addition: i thought of getting the rx580 and just use it with TB3 with my T480s. But the enclosures are super expensive and buly. The sum will be high enough so that I can actually alrdy get a b450 and 3600 for the enclosure price alone. The T480s also only offers 2x TB3. since I dont know about TB3 <-> Ryzen, Im not sure if the whole enclosure would turn out useless for me if they change the standard, or if I get rid of my T480s and ryzen doesnt offer compatibility. the laptop runs pretty hot too, and im not in the mood of repasting and using a cooler "mount" (to put the laptop on). I feel like thatd leave me with a lot of money gone, a lot of plastic items bought, thatll end up going to the waste very soon, without giving me a really enjoyable hassle free gaming and music making experience.
  4. Hey guys, I want to build a 2nd pc for when Im not at home - which is about 2 months a year. Id be using the 2nd PC for office, making some slightly taxing 3D plans (house), maybe some LoL or WoW classic, since it drops this summer. Taxing on cpu: HOI4 (or badly written, however u wanna put it haha); Taxing on both CPU and GPU: Anno 1800. Ill make music for abit as well, but this is supposed to be an investment into AM4 - I wanna make this 2nd PC my main rig later, where I make music, work and play all year. I just cant decide yet, which cpu ill use for my main rig then (mostly torn between 3600, 3700x and 3900x). After that, the "now main" 6600k Z 170K will be the secondary rig, maybe a hackintosh for family as well, while im not home. Now to the question: Thing is that right now theres a deal on a rx580 4gb on amazon. 119€ brand new, which is amazing. So... - Get this RX 580 + cheapest am4 chip that doesnt bottleneck it + a solid board, since this pc is supposed to be my main rig at some point (once I've decided which CPU I want for music production)? - get a solid board (thats fit for my main rig, just like scenario above) + 2200g (80ish € right now) and not buy the rx 580. I am using a MSI GTX 1070 8GB in my main rig. so either way: buy a solid board and solid ram, but then the options: - cheap out on a "garbage" cpu and play with an rx 580 right now, thatll be more enjoyable than Ryzen APUs - cheap out even more and just get a 2200g. thatll leave the 2nd build without a gpu. When the 6600k will be the secondary build, thatll leave me with weak gpu performance. But if I replace my GTX 1070, ill have a redundant rx 580, since obviously I'd use the 1070 in the 2nd build then. huchhhh.... man all these options. maybe just go straight for 3600 thatll probably suit my needs for making music anyways? (and has great performance, single core wise as well) but then id need this rx580 since the 3600 doesnt have graphics integrated. thats 209 for the cpu and 119 with this amazing rx580 deal. but after all its a 330 total compared to an 80 bucks 2200g.... since the first and second gen ryzen chips are so frkin affordable right now as well, it just worsens my decision making process. I know this is totally a case of: what a consumer does depends on his/her budget and wishes / emotions. but I just wanna hear your opinions, Id be super glad to maybe read from someone that - if in my position - would be very decisive (maybe for a reason, I havent seen yet) Greetings , Chris (and thanks for bearing with the long question ) (main rig: dual 1440p monitors, 144hz and 75hz, music production, office, gaming) (2nd rig: single 1680x1050 or 1080p, 60hz, light music production, gaming and work)
  5. Chris V

    Improving PC performance

    I would add to that, that it greatly matters which CPU ur gonna pick here. With ryzen 3000, youll probably be better off to just use the stock cooler. It might run a bit hotter than with a noctua cooler, but its all within limits that make sense. However, I dont know anything about noise levels (etc.) when it comes to these stock coolers. An 8700k however, that youre looking to make capable of not restricting any GPU thats out on the market - would obviously need a beefy cooler. But that scenario isnt gonna happen in your (id say our, haha) price range. NN to thank us Great that youre one step further now and that we were able to be of help. Have a nice one !
  6. Chris V

    Improving PC performance

    Hello there So first of all, I personally own a 1070 since 2016 and its still a great card. Im currently running a dual 1440p (144Hz and 75Hz respectively) setup. I have a very similar system to yours, 2 SSDs, Z170 K by Asus, 2133Mhz 16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram etc.. The CPU is a 6600k, which is slowly showing its age too. I can only bring it to 4.4 Ghz without wasting cash and time on cooling and playing with settings for a whole weekend. Still - even if I got it say 200 Mhz higher - it wouldnt change the fact that it lacks HT and an IPC uplift would be nice to see too. Now to what was said above: The 1070 outperforms an RX 580 and is about on par with the highest segment of its previous generation (maxwell) - without checking: I remember this from back in 2016 when I bought the card. It was the first time I got into computing and bought a card. Now to what I would do in your place: Get a cheap B450 and a Ryzen 3600 and spend the rest on the GPU. If you cant find a majorly great deal on a used card - I would hesitate to spend on used hardware. Wait for the 3rd party versions of the newest AMD cards to be reviewed. Then check benchmarks of which card easily fulfills your 144Hz desire - specifically with the games you play. Then just buy that card if its not unreasonable tbh. Maybe overspend a little to be abit future proof. Like back when I bought my card: a 1060 would've done the job too probably, but today I'm glad I spent the money: youll be happy with a freakin amazing card in your rig and youll enjoy the performance. As time goes by, it'll hold up better as well. But as usual: theres downsides to anything and we could be discussing forever. Any market is different as well, so that makes things even more complicated. Just like right now Im questioning whether I should try to find a used 8700k or sth for music production, or go 3600 with b450, or just fk it and go for x570 and 3900x lol. The benchmarks youll find, will tell you what to buy - depending on the market youre in ofc. In this price segment, the 3600 probably wont bottleneck anything anytime soon. maybe consider 3700x if you buy into the whole "8 core will be the standard of optimization cuz of next gen consoles" thing. Greetings, chris
  7. Chris V

    Chipset and music production

    hey there thank you for introducing me to all these factors. Now, while I dont yet understand all these measurements fully (and some of them not at all) - it seems like the 3900x is far superior to the 9900k at the same price (or here in Austria: for less). I'd never go for a 9700k for said reason (especially since probably the only reason I am personally struggling with the 6600k is the lack of its HT). What do you think of an x470 mini itx 3900x build with quick ram and all. cant be that inferior in any way to a 9900k right? (except for some games maybe, but im sitting at 1440p with a 1070 anyways, so ...) I guess the core of what I am asking is. As a novice in both music production and computing - these charts: http://www.scanproaudio.info/2019/07/12/amd-ryzen-3600-3700x-3900x-dawbench-tested-3-is-it-the-magic-number/ make it seem to me like the 3900x is the best consumer cpu choice for music making, and comes with the more valuable platform and features in comparison to the 9900k. Its immense amount of cores would also make it a long term beast for any computing tasks I could think of doing. Do the weaknesses of the Ryzen platform - that are probably caused by lack of optimization - in any way majorly make it a no go when compared to a 9900k? i know im kinda zig zag questioning you, thanks for bearing with me !! greatly appreciate getting to know these benchmarks and all, since that was exactly what I couldnt really find online on my own!
  8. Chris V

    Chipset and music production

    thats a good question, or a good general idea to tell people that are right on the brink of buying some product - so thank you for that already. Its exactly why I asked for peoples opinion, that used more than 1 or 2 DAWs in their days. So I cant really answer this question I guess. Ill just upgrade anyway and I just want the upgrade to be the one that fits music making well, as I dont wanna be disappointed later on. I need the latter and proper future proof multi tasking / gaming, without lags and weird mouse stuttering when using 2x 1440p displays. I think I am set to 48kHz and 24 Bit if Im not mistaken. (that is sample rate and bit depth, right? - I am learning all these things just now, but law is keeping me busy lol)
  9. Chris V

    Chipset and music production

    Thank you for that insight regarding how DAWs deal with tracks and cores. Since any ryzen 3000 chip has an IPC improvement and better single core performance than my 6600k its just a matter of: invest into higher frequ on the worse, older 14nm++++ platform /// invest into higher core count on the better platform, that basically only gets beaten in gaming here and there by the 9900k. (ofc the 8700k pulls ahead in some titles, but not often enough so that I'd say it matters) I think Ive kinda answered to myself here that Im leaning towards ryzen I guess. I do have good quality ram, but its only clocked at 2133 Mhz. However I have read that people easily get it up to 3000 Mhz. Its 16 gigs. If its not possible, then ill just spend 80-90€ and get 3000-3200 mhz ram and try to oc it a tad. 32 GB will always be an option, and Ill probably not need that much of ram. Ok so I misunderstood the part that storage and RAM play while using a DAW I guess. I thought that you know, for any effect, instrument or whatever else I try to pull from the library that itd have to communicate that with the SSD. So I thought that latency and chipset communication (much rather than bandwidth) would improve that. But now thinking about it, it doesnt make sense at all. The program is already running, being used up front. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the consensus is when it comes to the cache. I'd be willing to go 3900x if thats like crazy performance boost for my use case. I honestly dont care about gaming that much and I'm not looking to squeeze every last fps out of some crazy 1500€ GPU. If league, diablo and maybe the occasional HOI / Minecraft run at 1440p at 144hz - Im fine, and that includes me dropping down on some settings if necessary. The 6600k just started to get annoying hiccups when alt tabbing or doing much other stuff while gaming etc. etc. So am I right "extracting" from what you said in the very last sentence: When it came to Intel vs Zen1, Intel had the upper hand in music production?
  10. Chris V

    Chipset and music production

    so i just checked prices, and bad news people are still asking for 270-320€ around here. Ill have a used product with no warranty and no implied warranty as my contractual partner will be a private individual, thats gonna try to exclude any warranting in the first place and even if he/she didnt: its not realistic to get my money back from a private individual. (in this kind of deal and price range) That makes it a used product, about 150% the price of a new 3600 (209€) with no warranty whatsoever. needs a new board just as well + beefy cooling if its really supposed to show its edge over the 3600 in gaming and (if this is rly the case) in music production. ram prices are low now, around here (that ill only need to buy if I cant overclock mine, which ill see during this summer). The real upside to 8700k is gaming, which i dont do much of anymore anyway. and neither ryzen nor kaby lake refresh will bottleneck my 1070. Im not looking to upgrade the 1070 anytime soon. plus: if I get tired of the 3600 I can still get up to a (probably) 3900x, whereas with intel ill just be stuck. Even if I'd wanna ditch Ryzen, ill just make it a cheap B450 2200g gaming pc / sell it or whatever. Compatibility will be nice to manouver when changing the rig / selling the rig. hmm...
  11. Chris V

    Chipset and music production

    I figured that what these "audio pros" were writing was probably not correct - at least PC wise. So say, for gaming and music, a good 8700k deal might be better after all, compared to a 3600. The 6600k is ok, just when I got all sorts of stuff running it kind of gets into stuttering. The DAW sometimes has these weird micro lags, though I think thats related to Studio One 4. First of all, thank you both already for your time and answers - very much appreciated. Am I right assuming, you'd also be with me to say: go for a great b450 deal? the 3600, 3700x or 8700k for that matter all have an IPC and core count + SMT (HT) advantage over my 6600k. which one wld u go with? (since the 8700k is still 360€ intel can go and ... you know what haha) its not that my 6600k is absolutely unbearable or sth - not at all. I just wanna get rid of the occasional lag and make a good decision cpu wise - the 6600k will still be used, but thats another topic.
  12. Hey guys, planning to upgrade from my 6600k, z170 (gtx 1070) pc this year. during work / gaming I get a few hiccups here and there with my dual 1440p monitors, but more importantly I want more speed for making music (plus: stable and silent work + gaming). I have two questions and I'd be super thankful, if you guys could help me out (once more :D) 1. Now, I couldnt really find out how important the given chipset is for when you're making music and how much the quality of the board in general really affects making music (latency etc). If yall could help me decide between B450, X470 and X570 - that'd be great. I have the money to buy either, but Im not one keen on wasting money. (or say: Id rather go X570->B450 - in exchange - 3600->3700x). I am keen on good quality though, I dont like spending cash on garbage products / products that dont fit my needs. Prices in my country: - B450: 80-150€: quality seems to be good in general - X470: 120-180€: same here, though I dont see an upgrade for my use case if the chipset doesnt better the audio quality in any way (say, by improving communication between all the pcs "devices" / components) - X570: 170(!!)-several hundred: 170 seems to be an amazing deal on a good board right now, BUT: the only benefit - again - would be if the more advanced chipsed improved upon quality in any way. I'd also get pcie gen 4 and better IO. quick and fast usb ports seem to make a lot of sense with the audio interfaces and all. So I was about to buy this, until I started thinking of the fan. I am concerned with its durability in general, and with its noise, as I'll be recording very near to the (new) PC. What are your thoughts? [bear in mind: 3600 and b450 can be 289€; X570 changes that to a whopping 379€; I'd have no problem putting a 3900x into that board in say maybe 2 years - will a b450 board really be a solid, stable, silent board for that kinda scenario?] 2. I have few experiences with different DAW software. I am currently using Studio one 4. I make music quite a bit, although id range the CPU workload in the lower to mid hobby segment - heck, my 6600k is objectively up to the task, I just dont like the minor lags and feeling like Im working at a limit. Making music - you shouldnt be thinking about your cpu usage when youre about to add sth to your song - that kinda kills creativity and fun for me. SO: will most DAWs rather benefit from more cores or top of the line frequency, or both? (like where in some games the 9900k still pulls ahead of the 3700x and 3900x), or am I better off just getting a 6700k for my board for the hyperthreading? (since the security flaws are major, I dont actually wanna spend on a broken cpu generation anymore, though ). Whats your experiences? 3. Have any of you benefitted from going SSD->faster M.2, when making music? Is it worth maybe going for X570 and using a quick to react, super fast pcie gen 4 nvme ssd? (probably a lot of cash for basically no noticeable effect for hobby musicians, right?) Thank you guys so much, for some reason I am simply not capable of posting a short question, so thanks a lot for bearing with me haha Greetings, Chris
  13. Chris V

    Upgrading my build

    hi there, oc your ram to save a few bucks. get a b450 board for cheap. see if ull be fine with a 3600 or if u need 3700x (maybe even higher?) - I guess that all depends on what you'll be doing (especially simultaneously). spend the rest on gpu. However, as far as I understand it also matters which programs / method of encoding etc ull be using when streaming, so my knowledge isnt sufficient here, ill pass on saying more to that. greetings
  14. wait for icelake and 3000 mobile to really roll out to most of consumer products, if possible can only recommend T series lenovo. theyll be really solid for travelling, since they dont break easily. id recommend waiting for the new processors tho, and see if theyre cooler. Unless you dont mind a repaste and slight undervolt (if going with intel, dunno bout amd). T series is more solid of a build than X1, although X1 is lighter and comes with 4x TB3. (thats true for t480s at least, i dont know exactly of the newest models). my brother is super happy with his x1 carbon, my dad - I think - is using an x1 yoga, which he is also rly satisfied with. since you're gonna be travelling: T480 even supports hot swapping batteries and all sorts of cool old school stuff like that. thats my opinion in short. been through vaio, macbook, hp laptops etc. -> personally lenovo only. solid build, best keyboard. if u want 1440p on the expensive side tho. although that gives ya other cool features too, like probably a slimmer laptop model, quick charge etc. you have any questions, dont hesitate
  15. Chris V

    Wireless headset advice

    cant assess that, since Im not a reviewer or anything and I havent owned these other products. What I can evaluate though is that you can probably get a deal on AE2 Soundlink and get them for maybe 150€ ish? If im not mistaken the Sony ones are around 300 like the QC35. So if AE2 Soundlink gets me comparable sound and comfort, I'd say go for it if its 50-75% the price. All that of course - given u dont need noise cancelling. The mobius ones are way more expensive. edit: I personally wouldnt be sure of noise cancelling being an absolute requirement and I for sure dont want Alexa in every single damn device.