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  • CPU
    core i7 4770k
  • Motherboard
    MSI GD-65 gaming
  • RAM
    12 GB 1600 Mhz
  • GPU
    sapphire dual-x 280x 3G oc edition
  • Case
    fractal R4
  • Storage
    2x 7200 RPM WD 1 TB in raid 1 128 GB Vertex 4 ssd for os/programs 64 GB sata III WD ssd for programs
  • PSU
    Rosewill HIVE 650
  • Display(s)
    1x 1920X1080 acer, 1x 1920X1050 side of the road special
  • Keyboard
    corsair vengeance k90 (MX red)
  • Sound
    LG side of the road special speakers (actually sounds quite good, go figure.)
  • Operating System
    yes, duh.

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  1. JewishBacon

    connecting my CCTV cameras?

    I have some cameras I hooked up to my network. I port forwarded them properly and can see them from my local machine, but I want to be able to view them from my phone. When I went to look up the WAN Ip of my router on this page https://ip-lookup.net I end up getting "i dont know what on earth this is" as my was address. Where do I go from here? WAN : 260x:17x0:xxc0:59xx:95x5:1x04:xxxx:xxx note the x's are me removing characters because i dont know exactly what you can do with this number.
  2. JewishBacon

    980ti quad moniotors?

    took out the adapters....leftover from my pld 280x days rocking quad monitors now!
  3. JewishBacon

    980ti quad moniotors?

    I did and got nowhere
  4. JewishBacon

    980ti quad moniotors?

  5. JewishBacon

    980ti quad moniotors?

    Stupid question here. I just got my active DP adapter from monoprice, but I cant seem to get my 980ti to display across all 4 of my monitors.... am I doing something wrong? Right now I have HDMI, DP2HDMI (active) x2, and one DVI. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=104&cp_id=10428&cs_id=1042806&p_id=12779&seq=1&format=2
  6. JewishBacon

    Moving to Oklahoma City, which ISP should I get?

    I have them now, and they are not available in Oklahoma city either.
  7. JewishBacon

    Moving to Oklahoma City, which ISP should I get?

    You got me so excited! and then I checked and its not available to that zip code....
  8. Pretty self explanatory question. I am moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (from Texas) and I was wondering which ISP is the best one up there? We have different companies in Texas. (also as a side note, what power company do you use?)
  9. JewishBacon

    what is this cable called?

    I lost the wire to power my battery charger (for NmH, Li-Ion types) and I dont know what to look for on monoprice to get a new one. Below is the cable I need
  10. JewishBacon

    Anyone know this cable?

    you plug that into the autopilot module to get the self driving features.
  11. I'm sure I cant be the first person to think of this here, but I wonder if its possible to build a phone from replacement parts. Now, I'm not talking about grabbing an iphone camera and a curved samsung screen, and a google pixel case. I'm talking about buying all the replacement parts for a single model phone and then assembling your own phone from scratch. Has anyone attempted this before? I would imagine its cheaper to do it that way (if possible) and no contract! Thoughts?
  12. JewishBacon

    Why does my cpu hit 90c under water?

    I changed the orientation of my rad fans to exhaust air out the top. MY desktop sits under my desk, I have a feeling it was pulling in hot air that was trapped under the table. I also cleaned my radiator and made sure the water block was on TIGHT. Now under prime95 i hit 70 under load.
  13. JewishBacon

    Why does my cpu hit 90c under water?

    all stock on everything CPU.
  14. JewishBacon

    Why does my cpu hit 90c under water?

    rad is on the top. I have 2 fans in the front as intake. 1 (much higher CFM) in the back as exhaust, and the 2 on the rad as intake