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  1. Yeah bro i overclocked my gpu, and then it started to behave like that so i somehow tried to removed it but now it is doing this constantly. I think my psu is damaged, what you say? Bro plz help me.
  2. Imakuni , it starts and boot up to the display,but after that if i'm able to open a program let's say a song it suudenly turn off but the sound of the song work fine in the background(with black screen)
  3. Hey guys my computer is not giving dispaly but the sounds are working in the background i thought it was a power issue so i unplugged my optical drives cable and started to working again for some time but again it started to behave like that im running mp pc on a branded 300w psu on these specs core 2 duo 3.0ghz e8400,4gb ddr3 ram,sapphire hd 7770 ,500 wd hdd,and some intel motherboard with some random things so if i change my psu will it work fine like 450w or something or it is an other issue ............. guys plz help me i'm so worried about my pc