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  1. I want to have a install of windows 10 and have no files on it other than default ones. Can you walk me through doing that.
  2. Yea want to re format it but don't know how
  3. thats the problem i have no space on that computer
  4. can you walk me through the steps of doing that instead. i already have the media creation tool and i know how to get it on the drive i just need help with wiping the drive
  5. would it be easier to completely wipe the drive and download windows 10
  6. wipe as in format but keep the os but i dont have an installation key and would like to keep windows seven. if i have to get ten i will
  7. Im wondering how to wipe windows 7. all the methods i found require a installation disk(which i dont have) or they give options i do not have.
  8. now its just saying please insert disk into the drive and it has unknown capacity
  9. So i have a 128 gb sandisk cruzer and i installed the windows 10 iso on and i reformatted it and now it says i only have 32 gb someone please help me get back my 128
  10. if i use a external hdd reader and format thru that will it work
  11. is there a place i can get the linux cd or file
  12. well if i format it will there be a way for me to tell if the virus is still on the drive
  13. will it get rid of the viruses and the os. also is there a safe way to do it without getting the virus
  14. My friend has a hard drive that has viruses and wants to format them to get rid of the viruses. My question is is there a safe way to format them and refurbish them if that's even possible
  15. I have a wireless exrendir setup in my house it's an old AirPort Extreme and I was wonedering if I plug and Ethernet from my computer to the wireless extender will it work and will it make my download faster
  16. If you don't mind going even smaller you can always use a mini itx which is a smaller form factor that can fit in smaller cases while still being able to fit any gpu
  17. Thank you to everyone that helped me I successfully got everything in my new case
  18. My graphics card blocks the other lock so I can't get it off any help would be great
  19. I was thinking that when I posting it