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  1. I am in uni, I just don’t know if it’s worth it to wait for the legacy ports to return because they seem like it would be more useful than just two thunderbolt
  2. I used it for video and photo editing as well as school, the only reason I wouldn’t want to wait is cause a laptop would be nice to have back for school things
  3. Keyboard and trackpad won’t work I tried to fix it in every way I could
  4. My current MacBook is only 350 cause its a 2015, but yeah I would prefer the pro for my use case
  5. My old MacBook Pro is biting the dust and I was curious if I should wait to buy one or trade in my current for 350 get the student discount and the free AirPods now. And get a nice m1 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and all that, or if should just wait and see if m1x is coming out this year. But also I would need a laptop for school so I don’t know what to do
  6. Im looking to upgrade my macbook pro 2015 hard drive to a 500 gb ssd and was wondering if this converter and the mac itself was compatible with any ssd or if it has to be a specific kind this upgrade would be really nice to speed it up and hold it over for a couple more years before doing a full upgrade. heres the links to the ssd and the converter that i found https://www.amazon.com/Crucial-500GB-NAND-NVMe-2400MB/dp/B086BGWNY8/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=nvme+ssd&qid=1623222136&s=electronics&sr=1-8 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VVNKRYR/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF
  7. I have the wifi and bluetooth card however the bluetooth is not working even though the internal usb is plugged in. is there anything i can try to fix this
  8. I read numerous bad reviews and wanted to make sure I was truly making a good decision to trade in through phobio before I ended up doing it so that I don't get screwed out of my money. if anyone has any info or experience with them that would be super helpful!!!
  9. An old iPhone won’t update and I would like to keep the data on it however I only get two options wipe it or update and if we don’t update it the data is lost, drive savers is too expensive is their any other options? edit: the data on it is photos and other types of files like that however the backup before the update didn’t take and save to the computer to restore to
  10. Yes he does use two separate drives both installed with windows, one for work, one for games, however he installs his games on both so there is no point to what he did. Is there anyway to safely combine them into two users on one operating system so that he can save more storage? Edit: yes they are both windows, not even a different OS
  11. is there anyway to change it, there was no latency on my old one
  12. I just bought a corsair virtuoso it is great so far however the sidetone seems to be completely muffled and extraordinarily quiet, My old void pro has super clear sidetone and is amazing. is there anyway to make it less cloudy and less muffled of a sidetone? cause it doesn't seem to be doing its job correctly
  13. im backing up right now, i cant do a clean install because i share the laptop but theoretically i can still downgrade and restore from back up correct?
  14. If I were to update it would it lag or cause problems with my MacBook pro since it is fairly old at this point its currently on Catalina.
  15. Yeah it is under 100 percent, any way to fix it without a new cpu
  16. I have an i5 6400 16 gigs of ram and a 1060 6 gig but still get lag on apex even at lowest settings possible. I can’t figure out why?
  17. would it be difficult to replace though
  18. i mean yeah its nice, theres a few things i wish were better but they arent horrible or anything
  19. Should I replace the battery in my void pros, or just wait till they cant hold a charge at all and buy a new headset?
  20. steam is open in the background, this has never happened in the last 6 years of me having steam, and even when steam was closed my short cuts still showed.
  21. All my steam shortcuts turned into .url files and will not launch the games and creating a new shortcut through steam also is not working, i use shortcuts quite frequently and was wondering if there is any solution to this other than going into my 50+ game files to make shortcuts manually. Edit: it wont let me go in and do it manually it gives me an error when i try to use the shortcut i make, my steam is fully up to date i tried restarting steam and my computer neither has worked.
  22. I saw on the apple forums that people with the 2015 had issues with crashing and such though so I was curious if that would happen