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  1. I just installed an msi tomahawk and core i5 8600 and the computer refuses to boot everything seems to be plugged in correctly
  2. That’s what I was thinking but i dont know which one I should get
  3. I want to upgrade my cpu and mobo due to issues with constant 100% usage during intense games and I can’t figure out which motherboard and cpu are best bang for the buck. I would defiantly love a motherboard with built in rgb and maybe some rgb headers. Here is my build as is right now https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qzLBbX
  4. i just tested this when the switch was used as a buffer between the airport and the modem it made my pc internet faster. when i took the switch out it slowed back down
  5. i found the modem it is a aris tm106. it was a replacement our old one supposedly got fried in a thunderstorm
  6. then thats not going to solve the problem that basically how it is already i want the modem to give the airport internet and my computer internet. my computer is already hooked up to the airport plugging the switch into it wont make a difference
  7. it should be cat 5 i can check but i was not the one who originally set up the modem.
  8. i only get internet by having the modem and the airport plugged into the switch and then plugging my pc into the airport
  9. 1. it doesnt say i looked for it forever i cant find it on the modem it was given by our isp 3. 50 mbps although its supposed to be 60 4. its the newest model (dont know off top of head) connecting through it gives me about 15 Mbps over wired and about 2 over 5ghz wireless
  10. I unplugged the airport from the switch and plugged my pc back into the switch and it doesnt work still
  11. the modem has no functionality i cant access the modem settings at all
  12. through the switch? i have the modem plugged into the switch, my pc, and the airport
  13. the airport is not giving me the full speed of direct hookup to the modem so i bought a switch and plugged the modem in and the the airport and then tried my pc. the airport is working fine though
  14. Netgear gs605 and i connected it via ethernet
  15. it is a netgear gs605 it said it could connect to a modem
  16. I have bought a switch for my modem to allow me to connect my PC on windows 10 and my apple airport extreme that way i could use both but upon plugging it into my PC is says unidentified network through the Ethernet cable and it will not let me use it. so i have had to continue to plug my Ethernet cord into my airport instead of the switch. would there be any way to fix or use Ethernet directly through my modem and not my airport
  17. Yea but my friend wants to build a pc and I told him we could split a new card and I’d give him mine. But we can’t anything
  18. With the D-ram shortage and higher gpu prices I can’t find a suitable replacement for my card that actually worth the money. What should I do? I looked on every website and craigslist and eBay.
  19. I’m thinking of getting the 2.6 ghz 700 dollar Mac mini just for some basic video editing on iMovie. I can’t find many sources on whether it’s a good buy for basic video editing in iMovie (videos will usually be about 30 seconds to 1 minutes)
  20. so we could play together but id have to play on the steam version but if i wanted to play on my pc id have to reinstall it or i could play through geforce now. but idk how i would be able to have both on the same pc its pretty big game 85 gb and i dont have that kind of space right now
  21. So i Bought the cds for eso and installed them on my pc and have an account but i also just recently purchased it on steam so i could play with someone else using my other account. is there a way i can play the game on my pc through steam and my new account without having to re download the entire game from steam. (this is the same pc with it installed from the discs)