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  1. thats what i was thinking how is it possible to use apple pay in general then
  2. I really like iPhones and the whole ecosystem but one thing I can't wrap my mind around is why cant teens use apple cash. it doesn't make sense why make a way to transfer money to people if you can even use it for logical purposes like giving your kids extra money quickly if they need it. or give them a spending limit or a way to pay back their parents. the concept is good but I feel like the execution isn't. Any thoughts?
  3. thats what im gonna do but idk if i should exchange or get something different
  4. Should I replace it, get a different monitor or keep the one with the dead pixel. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-25x-24-5-led-fhd-monitor-gray-green/6280605.p?skuId=6280605 that's the monitor I have now. the dead pixel is pretty noticeable but other than that I like but idk whether I should get a better panel or resolution with keeping the response time and refresh rate and if i should is there any suggestions that are around 200 USD
  5. I don't I just think it's getting ridiculous at this point I mean like honestly why does chrome need it. I can't leave chrome open and play a game anymore that for sure
  6. chrome took 2 gigs of my system memory to run four tabs. that is not okay. its two tabs of youtube and two forums. how is that even possible.
  7. Can you send a video or a way to do that in detail. I’m a visual learner kind a guy
  8. The chipset driver was the first that I did. It was already updated as soon as the problem started. I could try doing it again
  9. Not the right board it’s an Intel z270
  10. The board isn’t recognizing it is saying the pci slot is empty so I will try and re-seat it to see what happens
  11. I don’t think it got enabled as primary how do I do that. It’s a new bios I’m. It used to it
  12. So I enabled the it’s and set it’s as primary I think but fans still won’t spin on my gpu
  13. What is that dxdiag. My debug light for vga on my motherboard went on when I turn my pc on then goes off
  14. Yes I have tried what I mean is it’s not showing up in cam and windows says it’s not there and nothing from afterburner or GeForce expiernence
  15. I had to plug into motherboard since the gpu is not working at all but it has power. But it’s not be recognized at all
  16. When I do that I won’t be able to see anything at all then. So if that doesn’t work then what
  17. I just recently installed the tomahawk z370 and my gpu is not not being recognized but is receiving power and is plugged in to my motherbord https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jysWcY
  18. It turned on but now no video is displaying but my gpu is getting power and I tired integrated but nothing happens
  19. I did. Just tested it with my old motherboard it worked fine
  20. Just tested my old motherboard and it worked fine
  21. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jysWcY