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  1. Maybe I'm weird but I really love the 'behind the scenes' vlog videos - the best of which was the series documenting the big move. Would love to see more vlog content if and when it makes sense to do so.
  2. So my cables came in the mail. Ordered them direct from cablemod, extremely fast shipping from Hong Kong via DHL. Performance PC is their US distributor but I wanted the full configurator experience. Happy to report the quality is outstanding and absolutely on par with what we've seen with Linus and other techtubers. While I ordered a couple sets of their combs it would be great if it was possible to get the full through-hole style combs installed as a paid option for a custom order in the future. But who knows what kind of wrench that would throw into their production.
  3. I have a new 810 Spectrum and coming from Cherry Browns its been a pretty smooth transition so personally I don't think they are that much worse. They feel more or less like Browns but a bit softer on the downstroke, like if there was some cushioning or something. If I don't bottom out the keys I think I may even prefer the romer-g switches, time will tell.
  4. I bought a full Corsair AXi replacement set today. Smooth so far (obviously), hoping the quality is as advertised. Want to see what they look like when they're not sending them to youtube tech reviewers