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  1. I don't really know how is that possible, but the CPU core voltage was too low out of the box. I know they OC-ed the CPU, but I don't know how they used the CPU in this mobo that way. So now I know that the CPU undervoltage can cause this BSOD, all I did was I set the core voltage to 1.25V and it runs smoothly. Anyway, I am so happy my CPU is not dead. Thank you for your response, Mister Woof!
  2. Hi, I just ran into an issue I can't figure out. I bought a i9 9900K and a AsRock Z370 both used, but from a very good seller. I put my "old" M.2 drive in it, with the prev. Windows, it booted up and ran just fine, but since I have changed the Mobo, I need a clean Windows 10 install, and thats where the error comes in. Every single time at 65% of the installation the BSOD pops in, and I feel like I already tried everything. After a while, when I don't even do anything to the PC after like 3 minutes it crashes on the first installation screen. Any idea on the BIOS settings or maybe something else I might be missing? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello guys! I need to upgrade my "old" PC to an After Effects workstation. I have the i7 6800K with the NZXT Kraken X41. Since AE uses only one core, I am planning to go with the i9 9900K (only one core boosted to 5GHz) I know the i7 6800K has a 140W TDP and the i9 9900K has a 95W TDP, but I have read that the 9900K is literally an inferno chip. Can I cool the i9 9900K (only one core boosted to 5GHz) with the Kraken X41 I already have, or I need to invest in another cooler like the NOCTUA NH-D15? Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you for the opportunity! I'm using a Chicony keyboard A4tech Bloody V7 mouse and a Superlux HD681B