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Everything posted by KING OF THE DIRTY DANS

  1. I know that Valve index only needs a 580 That said, I would go with a nvidia card (1660, 60ti, 2060) as they are pushing more for VR. It mostly depends on CPU and GPU
  2. I would run a stress test to make sure its fine (aida 64 or heaven) If its good, hope for the best
  3. I personally use a Sandisk reader like this, With the SD association's formatter, to avoid hiccups
  4. I would see if you could find a second hand Mobo, just to see if thats the problem (from gigabyte or msi, just to reduce errors)
  5. Is your cooler not providing enough cooling? Have you called up ASUS about an RMA or troubleshooting for your MOBO?
  6. I Would get the Phanteks or Corsair ones The corsairs can be a pain to wire though.
  7. I personally prefer DIY towers If you want to go down that route watch a LTT or ScatterVolt video, read up on GamersNexus, research it. If not, I would get an NZXT BLD system, they just charge a flat 100 bucks build fee.
  8. I would contact Lexicon (if possible) Go back to the usb sound card on the hyper X clouds Pan it the other way to fix it (super ghetto)
  9. You could get another Lexicon or equivlant Pan it the other way in windows/realtek
  10. Try your restore point, and see if that helps Also, try installing games to a different drive to see as well
  11. Did you kill your boot drive? Were you running RAID at all? Do you have backups and or a Windows Restore Point
  12. If you already have a 4K monitor, its fine I personally use 1440p 144hz (just don't buy Acer monitors)
  13. Ive used the Anker wireless model, and the Mx vertical They're both good (MX vert is too rich for a non gaming mouse IMO)
  14. Steam Sales are dead Since Valve has the ideal user base, Sales are more of events than the norm (like they were years ago)
  15. Its out? Where can you get it?
  16. Not really. Its just not much ram Pop in 16 gb of ddr3, call it a day
  17. Those are actually good fans tbh What I would do, is play around with the fan configs and speed once you have parts in hand to get it to your liking