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  1. Thanks for your input guys Rhythm game that i wanted to play is DJMax Technika 2 I got it off the harddrive from an arcade machine thats on its way to the dumps. There are other games I want to try on this touch screen monitor using bluestack but primarily DJMax.
  2. Recently I got myself a touch screen monitor that takes VGA/DVI and has a touchscreen controller through USB. I am wondering (if possible at all) if I can simulate a mouse click at all the points I touch? To do things like "Draw 2 lines at the same time on MSPaint" Play music games that requires pressing two "notes" at the same time When I plugged it into a laptop, windows installed the generic HID Touch Driver and I got the monitor/touchscreen working with gestures. Using "Pen and Touch" -> "Visual Feedback" I can confirm that it recognizes multiple touch points. The monitor is labelled as TOVIS L2165AT1BA Thanks Guys
  3. Nice phone. Love to have it as an upgrade to my current device