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  1. Yeah not overclocking the GPU. I guess I'm sceptical of the artifacting theory since the error was there from startup with minimal gpu temp but idk ddu?
  2. Hi All, A little confused as to something that happened with my PC today. Having been away for a fortnight or so I rebooted my PC to see attached/below if it's formatting correctly (excuse the potato quality - messenger ruins my phone camera) Having tested my Nintendo Switch as well as plugging in the switch's hdmi cable into the graphics card and monitor, I know it wasn't a monitor or cable issue, but the pixel distortion continued after multiple restarts, before going away while I was downloading (but hadn't yet installed) the latest graphics driver. My and a friend's initial theory was some artifacting so I opened up a heavily modded fallout 4 to stress test and heat up the card to see if I could reproduce the distortion but it never returned. Also no return after restarting the PC either even though the distortion appeared immediately on boot when it was occurring. Anyone have any ideas? Is my PC a ticking time bomb and I should start saving for a new GPU? Has Riot's Anti-Cheat Vanguard made me afraid for my life? Thanks in Advance. forgot to post specs: SSD Evo 128GB WD 2TB Drive 16 GB DDR4 RAM Ryzen 5 3600 ASUS Prime B450M-K motherboard Gigabyte GTX1080-Turbo
  3. So a few months back, I decided to renovate my PC by adding a better CPU, SSD, GFX card etc. Last week, my Hard Drive stopped being recognised by the BIOS, while my SSD operated fine. Given that it still failed to show up on the BIOS when I used the SATA cable that connected my working SSD to the motherboard, I assumed something was wrong with the Hard Drive, and thus disconnected it and stopped worrying. However, today, when I found a different hard drive to replace it with, it wouldn't show up on the BIOS either (although it seems it had somehow died during extraction from a laptop). However, this resulted in me restarting my computer through use of the power button many times, to the point where, when I then turned it on with the SSD plugged back in, the fans would begin to spin, but then nothing else would happen. No beeping, no LED display on the monitor or the power button as it usually would, and nothing on the monitor. I've tried removing the CMOS battery, using the onboard graphics rather than the card, and the usual turning it off and on again strategy but to no avail. Motherboard is a MSI Z97S SLI KRAIT Edition. Any Ideas? SPECS: Samsung EVO 128 GB SSD 1TB Seagate HDD 16GB DDR3 RAM GTX 960 STRIX Asus Card 2 GB OC i5 4690 CPU 3.9 Ghz Turbocharge MSI Z97S SLI KRAIT Edition Motherboard