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  1. Fucur

    Which cpu?

    i think you should for for an i7 as ur going to have a lot of multitasking, i don't know if a 2700x would be better, it often depends on the specific program rather than the logo. look for a 1070, at least in italy, u can find them at 200€ sometime. corsair is ok, but since u want to be futur proof, u can take an evga g2/g3, usually they cost a lil more, but their warranty last for 10 years lol that cpu cooler look so poor, imho you should get something better.
  2. Fucur

    CAD computer assembly WHICH GPU?

    at the end of day ill go for 2700x or 8700k depending of avaibility in my country and things like that, but i've heard that CAD is working better with intel right now, is that true? im still thinking about the gpu. i think spending 400€ for a card that will be used at max at 20% isn't worth, but i cant find any other valuable choises. i would go with a 2060/1070 if so
  3. Fucur

    CAD computer assembly WHICH GPU?

    am thinking... should i go for amd or intel cpu? 2700x or 8700k/9700k? @manikyath @straigh_stewie @Wh0_Am_1 i think that's too much, as i said, those projects are not going to saturate resources of a mid tier graphic card. Around 300€ what should i pick?
  4. Fucur

    CAD computer assembly WHICH GPU?

    the most powerful pc that they are using right now has 8gb ram i7 4th gen and gtx 745, still managing theyr needings pretty well. That's why i was thinking at those things.
  5. Fucur

    CAD computer assembly WHICH GPU?

    @Wh0_Am_1 i was thinking of going amd (for both cpu and gpu) since it's known better for productivy than gaming. I don't think project handled are going to saturate that much vram, so i was thinking on a mid tier one. @manikyath i wasn't asked to do a pc given the budget, i was asked to build a pc from the needings it has to accomplish, that's why i wrote the post that way.
  6. i need to build a computer that's going to be used in an office as daily driver for software engineering like AutoCAD, Iper MILL, Solidworks and similar things. I think i should go for 16gb or ram and an i7 8/9 gen, but i have doubts about the gpu. Should i go with a low/mid tier or high tier? I was asked to do that system, but i dont understand a lot about those programs? As i saw project done until now are not too demanding, so i tought that even a 8600k should be good, but i wanted to be sure. That thing has to be as smooth as possible to accomplish needings; the point is that since it's used a lot with multiple task and frequently, with multiple projects and programs opened at once. That's what i'm asking for. Thanks for help
  7. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    @_Hustler_One_ i feel you i'm like in the low/middle as i learn, i can only get 5ghz at 1.335, and is not even stable after 4-5 benchs. Anyway my temps are good, maybe my cpu is better at undervolting than overclocking
  8. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    @Plutosaurus i can, maybe not at the voltages i would like, but i can
  9. quality of battery isn't a thing, since both phones are recent, we cant know how much they will last. Usually u change a phone ever 2-3 year, if u take a good one. That's what i did 3 time. Phones have just 1 port usually and is for charging and linking them to pc. A lot of guys complains about the audio jack, but for me isn't a problem as i usually us bt headphones. I don't remember if pocophone have an audio jack, check it.
  10. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    @mxk. idlk if u read the main thread but for some reason it isn't stable after 4-5 cinebenchs at any voltage @5ghz right now i'm using it at 1.335, going lower isnt stable in windows. at 1.325 i cant finish a single cinebench. As someone else told me that mid 1.3 is an uncommon voltage to reach 5ghz
  11. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    my cpu is on mid 70 on load, is that too hot? i just wanted do know if there was a way to maintain the 5ghz and lowering voltages. As far as i know 5ghz shouldn't be hard for the 8700k @mxk.
  12. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    yeah but if cant manage to run at certain voltages, even when the temp is not a problem how is going to help me lowering them?
  13. Fucur

    8700k overlocking

    Thanks for reply! @Jurrunio no, temperature was 90 on highter voltages but in the mid 70 on 1.335, on full load. I made sure that was right since i was looking for the problem on my own. I never heard of those things. As i remember i also changed cache frequency min/max to 45, nothing else. so my cpu is under the average? at 1.3 with 5ghz windows doesn't even boot, at 1.320 can't get even half of the cinebench.
  14. from those one you talked the pocophone is the one with the better cpu. I gift to my mother a xiaomi note 5, which has the same cpu of the note 6, without having bezels, so i think it's purely your choise from those. I can suggest you the asus zenfone max pro m2, it have good specs, and a big battery, which is uncommon in the high tier phones. having 2 cams doesnt magically make phone do nice photos, and usully mid tier phones suck on that. For 300 i suggest you one of those, altough the redmi note are selling for less than 300. Phocophone costs a little more, but still in your range.
  15. Hi guys, this is the first time i overclock a cpu, i have those things: -Asus z370-A -Intel i7 8700k -gSkill trident rgb 4x8 3000mhz -Evga supernova g3 750w -nxzt kraken x52 To overlock my cpu choose sync all core and put a 50 on the core ratio. I've managed to play with voltages to reach that. Default wasn't a thing, 1.3 neither. So i put 1.375. From that i started to go for less and less in order to decrease temps, until i reach 1.335. The oc is stable but i've some problems. When i do cinebench over and over (like 5 times) it crashes, whatever voltages i put. Otherwise i have no stability problem so far. Why? I've also oc the ram, default are at 3000, i keep theyr default profile putting them at 3200mhz and is looking stable. My score on 5ghz is 1621, i think is on average, but i've heard of people going at 5ghz at 1.260 on voltage. Am i doing something wrong? Can i change other settings to improve in overclock?