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  1. Looking for a pc that’s capable of running around 144fps. Need a monitor and a keyboard. Mouse is not needed. Haven’t bought anything else I just have an old mouse that’s good. It’s for my Malaysian friend so if you can make a list that has the Malaysian currency thag would be good.
  2. Need some more FPS for gta. put down settings which I can change.
  3. Say if there was thermal paste on a couple of the ryzen cpu pins. Like 3 right next to them. Would that stop the pc from posting??
  4. anyone know a really good x470 mobo around the 170 mark price. Amazon UK only please
  5. I screwed in the second m.2 at the bottom of the mobo as much as I can.
  6. One m.2 ssd moves a little if I push against it a softly but I am sure its seated properly.
  7. I only have m.2 ssds. But the red cpu light comes on tho???
  8. So since iv built my PC every time a little shake happens on my desk my pc would restart. I made sure all the cables are in properly, I reseated the cpu as someone told me to do that. I plugged in the cables again and screws some screws a little tighter. Idk whats wrong with is.
  9. So I am tryna overclock my ryzen chip but there the CPU core voltage is it will not allow me to enter a value.
  10. Is the thermal paste on the nzxt x62 cpu cooler good or not???
  11. That aint even the problem tbh. As long as its cheaper than rrp on steam than im ok.
  12. Are both these MSI monitors the same???? Just some small differences between them.
  13. aint no try going on lad o_0 that means money being wasted. I need 100%
  14. idk what website. Thats what im asking. I chcked GOG out, they gucci but dont sell games like gta 5