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    I like art, CG designing, PC stuff, not gaming/sort of. I also like writing but still have to develop my English a little bit.
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    Ummm. do I have to talk about myself :(. I like talking, so how about your short day?
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    Dr.Ph Student, CG Producer in Taif college.


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    I7 5860K
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    MSI X99-S SLI Plus
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    16gb DRR4 Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz
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    "In shipping" Quadro M4000/GTX 1080
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    Corsair Carbide 600Q
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    2x 1TB Black WD
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    Corsair AX760
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    43" LED PHILIPS 4350UC-UHD
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    Corsair H110i GTX
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    Genius cheaps
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    Genius cheap
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    Logitech G430
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hmmm, I did that too... sadly that didn't solve the problem however, after plenty of testing, I found something really interesting. the following games Overwatch, Battlefield 4 and 3 takes a long time to switch between fullscreen mode to desktop while payday 2 and old games such as counterstrike doesn't have these issues at all "even when I lower the frames rate to both overwatch and Battlefield 4". this excludes the driver issue and the monitor itself issues as well "since deleting the drivers didn't help at all or messing with the monitor setting or resetting them" any idea what could that mean? Edit: Could it be the sync between the monitor and the GPU is the problem? is that even a thing? Edit2: the issue is solved by reinstalling my GPU driver, it turns out that the sync between my monitor and the GPU is the problem, not the monitor evil CD that started all this hassle which triggered some windows update that screwed everything up Thank you all for answering, I appreciate it
  2. Yes, I had to restart it when I deleted Dell Manager and its driver. and I made sure that the driver is uninstalled but nothing seems to work? I tried messing with the monitor setting itself, and found response time and turn it fast still no different? I have no idea if the issue is with the monitor or the PC itself?
  3. tried to do that just a moment ago... the issue is still going on :\ I'm gonna test something with another monitor Edit: apparently, my samsung SyncMasterSA100 beats my new 1080p IPS monitor.... there's something really wrong...
  4. I tried that first, but it turns out..... THE CD DRIVER IS NEWER THAN THE ONE IN DELL WEBSITE ITSELF @Mooshi idk if I should freak out, or uninstall this weird driver... Edit: question is, how am I gonna uninstall the drivers?
  5. Hello guys, what's up? okay let's get to the topic straight, so I bought Dell U2417H when I came back home. I tested everything and it was all dandy.... until I found a disk in my box which turns out to be the drivers for the extra USBs in the monitor. I was like meh let's install it, and then troubles started... the fullscreen games take ages to switch to desktop, F***ing 1min every time! "not 1min but around 10seconds, yet it feels like plenty of years and it's annoying as hell!" anyway, is there a way to set things back to normal? or solve it at least? P.S don't tell me to switch my games into borderless screen mode... colors feel strange in window mode for odd reasons...
  6. so after I got reliefed, I was thinking... is it possible to fix that derpy sensor? or even disabling it?
  7. this is in HWMonitor, idk if it's truly a bad sensor tbh... but I start to believe that might be the problem thank you @Death4two @samcool55 @RandomGuy13 for the quick help, I was about to put ice in my PC
  8. Hello everyone, today is a hot day, isn't it? okay, enough joking, I'm freaking right now atm... so to sort things out, here's a picture of what I found in Corsair LINK. as you can see, the temp #2 is quite... melting point... I actually did what a normal human do, freak out and open the case right away to check where the heat is coming from AAAAAAaand it turns out to be the heatsink of the motherboard... which was quite hot to touch "not that HOT which can burn my finger as the temp #2 says" I don't know if I should freak out or cool it down "please kill me for the puns" tell me what you think, and thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  9. @Leonard the SATA cables that I have is connected to 3 or 4 other hardware so I guess the controller cable is actually damaged. either that or I'm totally dumb. and what is RMA??? this is my first time I hear something like that
  10. @Leonard I did trace it and it's connected to the SATA cable correctly. I think the cable might be damaged? I'm assuming with fears inside about this concerns
  11. @Leonard yeah I think the same but I'm not sure. anyway can you tell me how to check the main connection from the PSU to the controller?
  12. Hey everyone, what's up? funny story that happened today, I plugged and replugged my computer couple times just to take a screw that I dropped inside and got stuck on the pile of cables and had to manage it correctly. finally, I made a perfect magical cables management and I'm 100% sure that all cables are connected even the case fans. when I run the computer the fans didn't even spin and the fan controller is just a big lie . I'm not sure what did I miss? is it my fault? is my case broken or most importantly. is there like a driver thing I should install to activate the fans controller on BIOS? I don't know if you guys can figure it out for me, it's kinda sad that the case fans aren't working :(.
  13. @carzacc Yes, I meant the filling part for RAID 0 as RAID 0 split the file into a valid number of HDDs on the RAID setting, I just call them Stripping and Mirroring so I don't get confused about it. you can build a pyramid of RAID processing for a server machine which is cool and confusing as well
  14. RAID 1 "mirroring" and RAID 0 "stripping" was a good suggestion from an old friend so I don't lose important files again or filled them quickly. thanks for pointing this by the way, but I may setup my personal rendering server someday... it will be so long to happen but it's essential in future. I think I need an SSD for system installation and boot as I haven't made it by my own yet. I'll do more research about it later once I get the Quadro M4000 first , I'll also share my experience and helpful tips in my way as well.
  15. Hey everyone, what's up? in the last couple months, I did have many troubles with my old computer that I built it long time ago, but apparently it died from heavy projects that I used to do on it and it become useless. so I had to build a new one that fit my needs but I didn't like Gaming PC rigs nor felt like the need of it due to the high price, but I had the big need of a computer that will last for long without troubles for maybe a few years from now and can be upgraded to a decent 3D rendering machine. I usually just go to any cheap local store and ask for parts that are good there and just build it randomly without taking anyone suggestions even mine. But after few years when I had my old computer, I noticed some good communities around with really helpful reviews and I start learning how PCs actually work due to linus and other helpful videos that made me try new things with confidence. so thank you Linus' group media and community for the help, I really appreciate the efforts for the great helpful information that I learnt it from you guys ! anyway, without further ado. here's my Build log that I made it so far. CPU: i7-5820k MB: msi X99A - SLI Plus Sys Cooler: Corsair H110i GTX RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8 GB) 3000MHz Case: Carbide 600q PSU: Corsair AX760 GPU: GT 730 / Quadro M4000 "Coming from shipping service in Sep" HDD: 2x WD 1TB [Black] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the incoming upgrades will be additional RAMs, and GPU as that's all I really need so far. RAM: + Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8 GB) 3000MHz = overall: 32GB of RAMs GPU: GTX 1080 "for VR and 4K project preview" I hope it gonna be the first and the last great build I make, it was so exhausted building this heavy setup as I broke my back couple times. and maybe its not really that epic build like any others but I did have hard times searching and learning things, but I did really enjoy it anyway! Thanks everyone again for being supportive, and have a nice day.