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Juan Remes

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  • Birthday 1991-10-24

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    Veracruz, Mexico
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  • CPU
    AMD FX 6350
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97 R2.0
  • RAM
    8GB A-DATA XPG V2.0 1600
  • GPU
    MSI R9 270X HAWK
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 450D
  • Storage
    1x Samsung 850 EVO 120Gb SSD - 1x400Gb Hitachi HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX750m
  • Display(s)
    HP w1907
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G105 Blue LED version
  • Mouse
    Generic Microsoft Mouse
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    On-board audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 Pro
  1. Currently using a HD 5450 so needless to say an upgrade would come in handy.
  2. Reset the GPU to stock settings and check if it keeps doing it.
  3. Reset your CMOS to default settings and try again or in extreme cases I would unplug the whole system and take it apart, then reasemble it outside the case (i know this have little to nothing to do with the main problem, but have saved me once or twice).
  4. The fan has to be blowing towards the heatsink. If you can mount a fan to it, your temps will decrease dramatically, ive done that to a passively cooled HD 5450, and boy those temps surely went down.
  5. Nope, OEM keys only work with their original machines, no workaround, buy a retail one or get another cheap OEM key.
  6. There are a googolplex ammount of videos and guides on the internet of how to build a powerful machine and not breaking the bank. If you want to go completely BALLS TO THE WALL just go for it. Not everyone will agree with your opinion of how things should be done (specially on the internet) and your parents are no exception. If you want the computer, get it. If an argument with your parents tilts the balance more than the PC for you, then dont get it. Simply asi that.
  7. It was the first thing i saw when i selected a profile picture so...
  8. The keyboard would be nice, because the keyboard i currently use is good for gaming, but not much for typing, those brown switches would really come in handy.
  9. Yeah, lucky me it was just the GPU. I just got in contact with MSI, and my GPU warranty is expired. Shipping plus repairing costs are hilariously high so i think this baby will go to the oven, fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks everyone for the help, turned out to be the GPU itself, it just died for good. Post is full of artifacts and what not. I really really really really hope i can RMA it, im outside the US and shipping fares are brutal. LOL high five! im running a 5450 ATM.
  11. Im really down to this, i have been doing tests and i think this may be the problem, because the heatpipe doesnt feel much warmer in my PC than when in my sisters PC, at 100C it should be pretty hot to the touch. But i really does not know how could be this possible, the sensor is supposed to be mounted on the GPU, which behaves properly on another PC. There are different PSU on both systems, fans are at max speed, and the heatsink has not been removed at all. i have a friend, and his 6870 suddenly started reporting 95°C constatnly under load and 50°C idling, the card died within a year, but i never touched the heatpipe of his card to ensure it was REALLY that hot, as stated above, maybe its a faulty sensor.
  12. I have an MSI R9 270X hawk and i always have controlled its fan by a custom fancurve with speedfan (amazing piece of software). A month ago and just recently a few hours ago too, my PC went full black screen while playing some BF3 and didnt want to boot, a month ago i unplugged everything and then it worked fine. Today i had to take the GPU off the PC and plug it in another PC to make it work (i was thinking the GPU was dead because the PC really didnt want to post with it inserted) I grabbed a 5450 and my PC did boot! Then i installed my GPU on my sisters PC and IT BOOTED UP. The next thing i did was to re install my GPU in my computer and it booted up properly. Phew that was a close one (or so i tought) I went and fired up battlefield 3 again but then i went and checked the GPU temps, HOLY SHIT, IT WAS AT 90°C. And i really dont know why. My pc is really clean, the fans were at full blast, i just dusted it out like 2 weeks ago, and it is a 2 years old card, not that old for the TIM to be dried out. Ok so i installed the GPU on my sisters PC again, after installing the drivers and everything i fired up the GPUZ burning test, and the temperature did behave properly! How it always had until recently. The GPU didnt went above 65°C. The strange thing is that in my PC, the GPU is freaking boiling, just by launching the Sims 4 menu, it rises up TOO DAMN QUICK to 90 to a 100 degrees. Things that ive done: Clean in any possible way the GPU Update the drivers to the latest and greatest possible (not beta, stable drivers) My mobo has another PCIe slot and behaves exactly the same Make another partition on my Drive and do a clean windows install with just the GPU drivers, still the same result Tried both Normal and LN2 bios switch options, not a difference I can only think this is a hardware problem with my computer, because the GPU behaves FLAWLESSLY on my sisters PC My specs are on my signature, my sisters pc specs are: AMD Athlon II x4 2.8Ghz 6Gb DDR2 Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H Cooler master 450w generic power supply Here is an example of the behaviour on my PC: And here is another example of how it behaves when in my sisters PC: Any ideas?
  13. I have a Samsung one myself but my sis needs an SSD to replace her HDD ASAP!
  14. I really NEED a keyboard with Brown key switches for college and gaming. Nice giveaway btw
  15. I´ve had this Bluetooth headset for like 4 years and its been a wonder, and i mean it, the sound is good, not superb but is NOT bad, the microphone is real good. The range on this is splendid too, i can be 10-12 meters away from my cellphone and this will not struggle a little to keep the music/call going. I would say the most difficult thing on this is the volume control which has touch control, but you get used and learn how to control it with ease UBER quick. But oh Sony you COULDN´T make it perfect do you? The ONLY thing pissed me off, and not only me but hundreds of people is the weakness of the clip of the gadget, my god, that thing is more delicate and weak than a 3 year old girl. Mine broke like 2 years ago, and ive been using it like that, with the gadget just hanging from my left ear bud making my ear hurt sometimes. I really really dont want to buy another bluetooth headset because apart from this issue, the headset is like brand new! The battery has not degraded the slightest! (Not that i could tell) So looking around the interwebs i found that a spare replacement of the clip is on the market, but it costs 6 dollars plus shipping, there is no way im paying that much for 2 grams of plastic, so i figured out how to solve it myself, and here is what i came with, a cheap(if not free) way to solve the problem. Here is the headset with the Piece of Shit it has for clip: And here is what i´ll be using to solve the problem, its a simple metal hook from a curtain i removed some months ago and i had laying around As you can see, the hook is slim enough to get trough not one but both of the holes where the clip is secured on the gadget itself. I just had to bend it in a horizontal to vertical position, for it to hold the headset and then hooking to where it will be hanging With a pliers i bent it a little more and un-did the metal curves leaving it flat, that way it wont be uncomfortable to the touch. And thats it, i have a (fully) working headset again. without the worries of that paper-made clip. I just wanted to share this from the experience i had, it is a really good device and hope it will someday help someone P.S. Anyone knows how to rezise this photos? They are a little too big, thanks!