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    i7 5960X@4.4GHz and i7 5820K @ 4.5 GHz (Backup), i7 3930K @ 4.8Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Rampage V extreme, Rampage IV extreme
  • RAM
    Ripjaws 4 ddr4 4x8 2400mhz, Dominator GT DDR3 2133
  • GPU
    EVGA Founder's 1080ti SLI, EVGA Classified 980ti SLI
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    Corsair 900D, Corsair 750D
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    intel 750 400gb boot, Samsung 850 evo 1tb storage; 850 evo boot
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    Corsair AX 1500i, Corsair HX850i
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    Acer Predator X34(oc 100hz), Predator XB271HU(oc 165 hz)
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    Custom loop for CPU, Motherboard, Graphics cards
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    daskeyboard 4 professional MxBlue, logitech G710+
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    Razer Mamba 2012, Razer Taipan
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    Creative labs Sound Blaster ZX with Audio Technica ATH M50X, SupremeFX sound with Astro A30
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. pump header says 0 rpm lol. but its running I checked haha :P. AFIK the specific heat capacity of water flowing at that speed is fat better at removing heat from the block than the evporative liquid used in vapor chambers/heatpipes. so delta t should be lower because the heat is being carried away and radiated faster than it would with an aircooler. Isnt this the reason why watercooling temps are so stable. You are right though coming down from a 12x120mm radiator setup does bring about unrealistic expectations from a 280, a thin one as well. The chip passed a 3 hour Aida64 test with an average temperature of 61C. Doesnt seem like anything is broken so it should all be good. I might try some more serious undervolting later on to drop the temps even more. Water cooling meant sub 50C temps to me but I guess you have to part with a few of those for the convenience of an AIO. Edit: I have my 5960X oc to 4.5Ghz running sub 50 in my proper loop. That is a far hotter chip than the ryzen 7. But I digress... 280 doesnt compare to a dedicated quad rad
  2. I agree with the Delta T argument. For limited rads like the ones on most off the shelf AIOs, you will eventually be subjected to heatsoak when using obscenely hot CPUs like the 7980XE... Ryzen is not supposed to be anywhere near that hot. HWinfo indicates a max power draw of 120W by the overclocked chip with 8 cores @ 3.8Ghz (SMT: on). Thats nowhere near the power consumption of my old Haswell-E 5820K whick used to hit 160-180W easily and stayed in the 50s with a corsair H100... a clearly inferior cooler to the x62. Gamers nexus said that the standard water temps for the Asetec based kraken coolers should be around 60 C operating. the pipes coming off the CPU block were ridiculously hot though... I am not taking the thing apart as I value my warranty and the thing cost and eyewatering 240 bux perhaps I have a pump failure? of maybe this is what it is with AIOs... Coming from custom loops, the temps of the outlet tube of the cpu block was toasty. Maybe I was expecting too much of this cooler and should go back to custom loops. All these reviewers saying the performance between custom loops and AIOs have converged... 1) There is a reason. The reason is surface area. The wraith cooler included with the chip has a much smaller surface area than the 2x140mm radiator of the x62. I have measured a max power draw of 120W which is peanuts for a rad this size... or so I beleive. So I beleive that the delta T should be lower for an objectively better cooler? 2) The point I was making there is that the case flow is not an issue so peeps dont assume the rad is getting heatsoaked due to having overly low spinning fans. 3) I use the Aida64 stress test stresing the CPU, Memory and cache. Maybe the memory stress test is stressing out the SOC and generating extra heat? Either way, I was just intrigued by the ridiculous temperatures that the cooler was acheiving on what could be described as 'conservative' voltages... I realised that my motherboard bios was ancient and flashed it to the latest 3.20 iteration by asrock. As a result, I have been able to drop the voltages down a bit for what seems to be stable overclocks of 3.8Ghz @1.225V Vcore + 1.125V VSOC and tightened the timings of my memory to 14-14-14-34 @3200Mhz. Temps are down 10C but it is still far from ideal...
  3. fans are on performance setting in the bios which pegs them to around 60% and up as temps rise. Bottom line: the fans are audible at my chair which is about 2-3 meters away from the system
  4. I am aware of that. But the liquid cooled temps are off. they are similar to the Wraith cooler i tested it with before install. Isnt liquid cooling ,albeit with a lowly aio, supposed to make it a lot better?
  5. Hello peeps, I have a ryzen 7 1700 oc'ed to 3.8Ghz with 1.3125V vcore ans 1.2V SOC and running 2933 mhz memory. I have seen peeps run higher voltages for higher clocks on the same chip online (ryzen is supposed to run cool) but I am getting 70 C load temps running Aida 64 stress test. This makes no sense to me. People are getting this kind of temps with the included wraith cooler... not a $200 high end AIO like the Kraken x62. Specs as currently setup: Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.8Ghz 1.3125 Vcore Asrock x370 taichi 64gb G-skill trident Z 3200 @ 2933 Corsair HX850i psu GTX 1050ti exoc @2ghz/8ghz Case: NZXT S340 white with tempered glass. Fans: All fans are Noctua NF-A14 + NF-F12 with all fan slots populated I have done 2 repastes and 5 remounts of my cooler with no major change. I am using Arctic cooling MX-4 thermal compound. I know I live in Australia and the ambiant temps are around 35 C but a delta T over ambient of 35 C with liquid cooling seems off. My highly overclocked 1050ti runs around 66C which is aircooled. Pls halp.
  6. AFAIK, the vanilla classy (lol) was only compatible with the FC780 classy blocks which they don't make anymore. The website also lists only the KPE as compatible with the new block. I like big shiny things
  7. Hello peeps, I wanted to know what is the main difference between the EVGA classified 980ti and the kingpin 980ti. I already have a pair of 980ti classys watercooled and was thinking of putting a third one in to make the system look baller! A 900d needs a lot more love and pc parts amirite ;). I have a friend upgrading to a titan xp and was looking to sell the 980ti Kingpin for a reasonable price. I wanted to know if the size of the card alongside an EK waterblock for it is different enough to not fit on an EK triple paralell alongside my old classys. I have a ryzen system with 1080ti sli so no need to tell me 'it's not worth it' or 'upgrade to 1080ti' or anything. This is just a show build that will sit in the living room being pretty and watercooled
  8. I have one 140mm fan exhaust at the rear near the motherboard IO. I had exactly this setup but I had horrible dust buildup in my system despite using filters and everything. I had 2x 120 intake at the front, 4x 120 on the side panel side of the basement all for intakes, I had 2x 120 at the far side of the case, 4x 120 at the top for exhaust and the 140mm fan at the rear for exhaust. The intake fans spun faster than the exhaust fans for positive pressure but it didnt seem to work :P. I want this to be absolutely perfect as I have no willpower to take apart my system for another year or so... custom loops are very annoying to maintain
  9. Hey peeps, I have a corsair 900d, I am going to setup the radiators on it after the yearly maintainance soon so I wanted to find a few things about case flow. I am using noctua fans with low noise adaptors as well as 2x 480 EKWB XE radiators. I was thinking of placing all the rads in as intakes for positive air pressure. Is that a bad idea? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the info Just on a side note, do you rekon running the Radiators fanless would cause a big temperature difference? I saw a video by Jaztwocents that said he could run his loops fanless for about 10-15 degrees delta up on the fan-active system. But that was with lower powered cards and was a very old video. So a 480 fanless for the CPU and A 480 fanless for the GPUs? edit: My system is not overclocked, so assume minimal temps
  11. will the hybrid pump last at least the life of the card? 3-4 years?
  12. Hello pepes, I have taken apart my custom loop for the yearly maintainance after I saw some discoloration on my tubes and reservoir which I am going to replace. My original setup comprised of an x99 rampage 5 extreme monoblock + GTX 980ti sli being cooled with 2 x EKWB XE480 + 1 x EKWB XE240 radiators. I am upgrading my gpus to 1080ti's and am thinking of seperating the loops to make maintainance more bearable. I was thinking to split the loops with a 480 cooling the monoblock and a secondary loop cooling the GPUs with a 480+240 rad. My problem is the following: my case is a corsair 900D which allows for a 480 + 240 rad in the basement with an AX1500i installed. I wanted to know if I should reinstall the 240 for the gpu loop or will a 480 be enough for 1080ti sli and use the extra available space for cable managment and tube routing which was a pain before with the full loop. Also, I have a friend who has offered me a 1080ti hybrid in exchange for my both 980ti cards. Those cards were going in my ryzen system so I dunno what to do. How good is the hybrid cooler? and is it as reliable regarding corrosion as a full copper custom loop as I know the asetek cooler is mixed metals... cheers, ~GabeN
  13. yeah I know... I have a predator 360 lying around so I coud just bodge that together with the gpus to make a seperate loop... dunno if a 360 rad will be enough though for a pair of 980ti's
  14. Sup Peeps, I have begun to hit the watercooling regret round about now.... I have a pair of 980ti and a pair of 1080ti GPUs in SLI in a custom loop. I have really begun to start facing the whole impracticality of the whose thing. The temps are bomb though but I want to moves mt x79 system over to ryzen 7 and that mens undoing everything.... I dont know if I want to redo watercooling. Should I keep the blocks on and deal with the impracticality or just reseat the original coolers and go aircooled again? Watercooling has given me stable: 4.9Ghz on i7 3930k + 1500/8000 Gtx 980ti sli 4.5Ghz i7 5960x + 2038/11000 GTX1080ti sli i have a ryzen 7 1700 with a Asrock taichi board with stable 4.0 Ghz with a NZXT kraken X62 and want to transplant the x79 system onto here and repurpose the x79 as something else or sell it... Should i redo a custom loop or not... pls halp
  15. hahahahahaha it is pretty niche to have the massive rads. It was all for the extreme overclocking with the classified cards i had before. Dont think a 240 will be enough to cool 1080ti sli and an overcloked 5960x though... especially with my overclocks. Damn... I think the SMA8 is my best bet for size and radiator compatibility.... 999 buck though... Ouch