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    Some gaming, computers, doing nothing.
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    11th grade.
  1. Poledancerz

    how fast can you type?

    I use a wireless SNG keyboard.
  2. Poledancerz

    MSI Afterburner failing to launch

    Has the program worked in the past? Or is this your first time trying to run it? I have tried doing a bit of searching on the issue, and it seems like it is not MSI Afterburner specific, there are a lot of programs that may get this error. The general solution I found was to make sure that Windows Updates are installed.
  3. Poledancerz

    MSI Afterburner failing to launch

    Has anything changed on your computer since the program last worked? Have you tried to resintall the software altogether? Were you able to locate the "application event log"? That may have some helpful information in fixing this error.
  4. Poledancerz

    GoPro using an 128gb microSD card

    Sorry if this is a dumb question/in the wrong section. I want to get a GoPro HERO4 Silver or a HERO3+ silver, and I noticed that they both store a capacity of 64gb (on storage sold separately via microSD cards) So this might be a dumb question, but why couldn't I use a larger microSD card? I would like to use this microSD card: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SanDisk-128GB-Ultra-Micro-SDXC-UHS-1-Class-10-MicroSD-Memory-Card-w-SD-2015-/111629793606 I'm aware it doesn't reach the speeds needed for the "high bitrate video", because I would like to do long recordings of lower-quality footage. Am I stuck with getting a 64gb microSD card or can I go for the bigger one? Why do these capacities exist even though they use the same interface?
  5. My uncle wants to get into the stock market and he says that he wants to get a quad-monitor set up. He already has his eye on the monitors he wants to get, but he is going to need a stand. He picked out a stand he wants to get, and asked me if they are compatible. Since I once said I built a computer in front of my uncle, I'm kind of like the tech-support of the family. (Totally not qualified for this.) Would 4 of these monitors EDIT: monitor http://www.microcenter.com/product/421743/Quad_Head_Multi_Position_Desk_Mount_for_13_to_27_Monitor work with this stand? http://www.microcenter.com/product/421743/Quad_Head_Multi_Position_Desk_Mount_for_13_to_27_Monitor The monitor has 75mm mounting holes and the stand has 75mm - 100mm mounting holes. That makes me think it is DEFINITELY going to work, however, I would feel absolutely horrible if he dropped $400 on monitors and $230 on a stand that doesn't work together. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. Sorry for the inexperienced question, I'm trying to learn.
  6. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Alright. I used MSI Afterburner, and I was able to create a custom fan curve that went below 40%. Thank you very much for your help, and it should also be noted that once I updated the GPU bios, the card ran significantly cooler. (I don't know why, but it wouldn't even reach anywhere near 60 while idle. It stayed at around 30-40. 50+ while playing MineCraft)
  7. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Oh dear.. something is bound to go wrong with this one. Almost broke everything the other time. Alright, thanks for the help. Going to try it. Thanks for your help, I'll come back with an update if it works. EDIT: I opened the current BIOS I have and the minumum percent is at 0 percent already. This is weird. I'm giong to try a different GPU monitoring program.
  8. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Alright. I just updated my GPU bios (finally). Still no difference. I updated the bios, restarted my computer, and Asus GPU Tweak is still not letting me set a fan curve below 40.
  9. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Oh dear, thank you for that. I was just about to update my motherboard bios..
  10. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Ah, I never thought of that. I'll give it a shot. I've never updated my BIOS before... Wish me luck, I'll be back in a bit with my results =p.
  11. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Are you able to set a fan curve having the fans spin 10-15%? Using Asus GPU Tweak, the lowest I can set the fan is 40% EDIT: It's either 0 or 40% I can set the fan. There's no inbetween. (or higher than 40, of course)
  12. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Hm... Why'd you get the Strix just to have the fans spin all the time? The whole selling point for me is the silence. But thanks for the insight, I guess mine is normal... Kind of.
  13. Poledancerz

    GTX 970 Strix idle temperatures?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone here has the GTX 970 Strix by Asus, or is at least aware of the idle temperatures of the card. I'm surprised to see how often the fans actually start to turn on. When idle, (around 1-4% GPU usage), the card will get up to 65 degrees cesius. The fans turn on somewhere around 66 degrees celsius or somewhere around there. When playing MineCraft with shaders (around 50% GPU usage) it will get to around 66 degrees, then immediately cool itself down to around 60, but then just repeats. Does anyone else have this card, or know the normal idle temps?
  14. Poledancerz

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Seems awesome. Would love to get my hands on one to see what I could do with it.
  15. Hi, I've been trying to find some nice computer parts for one of my friends who wants a gaming computer, and he said that his budget is like $500 - $600. I have already chosen a good hybrid drive for around $70 and case for $50 and power supply for $40 as well. There is such a wide variety of options for motherboards and CPUs, however, I'm not not entirely sure what to choose. Could someone please recommend me a good CPU and motherboard combination? To my understanding, AMD is generally better for budget builds and Intel is better for high budget builds? And then I'm also kind of lost what kind of graphics card I should get. (In school at the moment, I will check back at the post in around three hours)