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  1. My configuration: 3570K 3.4GHz Asrock z77 Extreme 4 Seasonic 760W Platinum G.Skill 2x4GB 1600Mhz Lian Li K62 Alright so, I have 2 Gigabyte R9 280X which I plan on selling one of them. For the sake of this post, I will call them card A and card B. During the course of my problems, I did not crossfire them. Only one card was in my rig at a time. So card B started having problems. - My screen would "glitch" - I saw random pixels on my screen flashing - My screen would completely freeze and the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" notification would appear - Eventually computer would not power on properly. After the bios screen, the screen would turn black with all mouse and keyboard unresponsive I switched out card B for card A, and everything was smoothe. So I thought there was something definitely wrong with card B. I filed a RMA request and had Gigabyte repair my card. I noticed that they did not tell me what the problem was, or what they fixed. Is this normal? Two weeks later I received card B from Gigabyte. I install card B into my main rig, and behold, the same problem still persist (computer would freeze at a black screen upon bootup). I thought that there's no way Gigabyte could have ignored something like this so easily. I then realized that I've been using the top PCI slot for my cards all this time, and that the problem could have been my motherboard. So I installed card B in the second PCI slot this time and ran 3D mark, and played some games. I've noticed that my card seems OK. I didn't see any of the problems from before. But why did card A not have any problems in the first PCI slot? Could my motherboard be faulty? Thanks!
  2. What about the folks who want to run 2 way crossfire with the 390x cards and don't have enough space for 2 120mm radiators? Do you think the add in board partners will stick with their air cooling solutions?
  3. chingyg

    HD558 pricing

    If you go on camelcamelcamel, you see that they were $99.98 on October 7th. People must have done a mass jump and bought them.
  4. I recently bought one from massdrop. The leather feels very nice and is stiff enough where your wrists won't sink down into the wristrest. Mine has accented red stitching on the border, so that's a nice touch. Only compliant I have is that the bottom surface is a rubber surface, so the wrist rest tends to slide around. Here are some pictures.
  5. Looks good to me. In the original snippet, why don't they just change it from .startsWith() to .contains()? if (version.contains(95) || version.contains(98)) { /** windows 95 and 98*/ } else { }
  6. Yo~ Imagine this. Suppose you are a super poor person, and you can only afford a water block for either a CPU or GPU, but not both. In addition, your crummy buget can only afford you enough tubing and fittings for a loop that contains either the CPU or GPU. Again, not both. We can assume you already have the pump,res, and radiator. Choice of CPUs (pick one) i5 3570K 8350FX Choice of GPUs (pick one) GTX 670 Radeon 7950 Not allowed: - Saving up enough money for both - Going air cooled route instead Your answer: - First pick one CPU and GPU from the choices. - Of the two components you've picked, which one would you water cool and why? - Example: "I pick i5 3570K and Radeon 7950, and I would choose to water cool the GPU because I mine crypto currency." Other comments: - I tried picking mid-high range components. - Intel has come out with 1-2 iterations of their core series while amd is still sitting on the same architecture. I'd rather pick CPUs that came out from roughly the same time. - I'm doing this purely for fun.
  7. sorry, he does not have the box. He bought the system prebuilt from cyber power pc.
  8. Hey guys, so my friend built a new system and gave me his old asetek cooler for free. He was using a i7 3820, so the mounting bracket is for 2011. I want to be able to use this AIO cooler on my A-10 6800K APU and need help identifying what model asetek this is. Also, are all asetek mounting brackets universal? So I can just buy any asetek mounting kit for FM2 and it should work? Here are some pictures Thanks!
  9. no, the night has just begun.
  10. I like to be hipster and avoid razer products, they are a little too expensive for my taste. For keyboard, I have a Ducky DK9008 G2Pro, cooler master xornet for mice, and sennheisers cx 301 for ear buds.
  11. Schiit audio, hands down. Jk I like their name.
  12. yeah I was thinking if it should even be a post in the first place. you guys are probably right, probably is a silly topic.
  13. I didn't see any similar topics, but forgive me if there are. I've seen plenty of review for various products, from all kinds of reviewers over the past couple of years. There are some things that I start to notice/pick up over time and it catches my attention every time. Not annoying/irritating, just something I've noticed. Here are some things I've noticed reviewers say and or do: - "as you can see" - "I'm not sure if you can see, but..." - "...and here are the ___ themselves" - The reviewer will only talk about the features of a product Maybe it's just their style, or just the way they talk. What do you guys think? Do you notice these things? Are you guys bothered by it? Or do you just don't care as long as the review has great substance.
  14. Depends what type of "nerdiness" you are aiming for. Anime, gaming, audiophile,electrical engineer, developer, DIY, model builder?