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  1. I'll wait for the Rx 460 which is coming out on the 9th.
  2. This cpu is good for the money and will probably be upgraded to an i5 6500 within a few months.
  3. I am building a PC with the following specs: Pentium g4400 Gigabyte Ga-h110m Matx Gskill nt series 8gb(2133mhz ddr4) Xfx r7 360 2gb Seasonic s12ii 520watt 80+ bronze The r7 360 is ~90$. Would it be a good idea to go with a gtx 770 used for about 100-120$ instead. I want to play new games such as battlefield 1 and GTA 5 at medium settings 60fps. Are there any other used or new graphics cards in the 100-120$ range that are better? Thanks
  4. I currently have a radeon hd 4350 and would love to have a GPU for a new build.