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  1. Are the SE215s easy to wear? they look pretty clumsy to me
  2. I don't want a muddy sound sig though
  3. Trolling aside, I actually need some good earbuds Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  4. Any good suggestions? I'm looking to upgrade my JVC Xtreme Xplosives. I'm looking for a great all-around tone with an emphasis on bass.
  5. Sounds cool What sort of qualifications or college courses would I need in order to get a tech-related job?
  6. I was wondering what sort of job options there are for people like us who love technology. Reviewing hardware? Writing for a tech magazine? How much would we be looking to make in terms of salary?
  7. The Windows boot animation is duplicated too
  8. It didn't do this on my old PC with dual monitors
  9. Hey guys, I'm setting up the new rig I just build and I've noticed that whenever I enter the BIOS, the image is duplicated on both monitors, and when I login to Windows it is set to extend the desktop which is what I want. How do I stop the monitors from duplicating each other when I start up my machine?
  10. Also, how would it know that the airflow is changing?
  11. That would make sense But it spins up almost instantly when I turn down my fan controller.
  12. Nope, it's plugged into my motheboard I checked
  13. I have only attached my case fans to my Corsair 600T fan controller, yet when I adjust the case fan speeds using the fan controller my CPU cooler also changes speeds
  14. But ethernet does not even require a password, so wouldn't it be less secure?