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  1. Adeeb

    Windows key

    hey M8 whats the difference between OEM key and retail i want to buy a key for my laptop
  2. i think the dell inspiron 7567 handle heat good thx buddy for the help
  3. nothing will happen i hope but you know every one treat us like trash so i might get kicked out the house and stuff like that so yap thx yo
  4. yes it's the same here in Turkey and the problem is that I'm Syrian I'm not in a stable condition because of the war so I think the best way is going with a laptop and plus with mITX build I still need a monitor but thank you for the help
  5. i'm planning and i know at the same price i can get a monster pc but i move a lot
  6. so I want to know how much is the core i7 7700HQ is powerful and by powerful I mean can it handle recording a game play at 720p and can it handle streaming at 720p?
  7. like what my friend and im also going to take courses for javascript
  8. thank you very much, i'm thinking to get i7 7700hq with GTX 1060 and what about the recording is it good for those type of games like the BF1 CS GO the division rainbow six siege my plan is to stream on weekends and upload gameplay content so is this specs good for a notebook thx a lot bro
  9. ok but the question is can a gaming note book achieve what i asked streaming and recording games like ASUS gl702 or DELL Inspiron
  10. really for me as Syrian I don't have any time to lose but I want to know if a gaming laptop like Dell Inspiron core i7 7700hq with GTX 1050ti can handle streaming to twitch and recording game play PS: i lost my family my study my future because of the war so I'm pretty much can handle losing another 2 years but don't want to lose the money that im saving for a year on not capable laptop that's what im asking for
  11. if I start to make money from it I'll buy a PC but first, i want to make sure that the money im paying is worth it because that's all I have like if buy a laptop for 1000 $ or more and don't get any result from the notebook like bad FPS or not good resolution then im screwed
  12. hey, i want to ask you I'm looking for a streaming and recording games laptop to start my own YOUTUBE channel plz reply I have to go with a laptop because I'm in unstable condition I'm a refuge and I want to make difference in my life I want to game like CS GO rainbow six sige and BF1 PUBG