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  1. jdjinn

    Is my 4K TV a defective TV?

    Mine is a 55". I just want the TV to run 1080p at 120hz. (then I´ll see how it goes at higher resolutions) Also at rtings.com it says 120hz native refresh rate. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pkwJ_pKRiTlJbtMPbCJw1ti9pXVo5GXz/view?usp=sharing Is there a program to see the list of components of TV: Processor, ram etc? Does the Nvidia and freesync lacking compatibility matter?
  2. jdjinn

    Is my 4K TV a defective TV?

    hi, Sorry for the late answer. My TV is a q60r Qled Samsung. A model launched this year. Samsung webpage says it goes at 240hz. TV says it´s at 120p (is it the same 120 hz?) when configured at 1080p. Yet the photos in the link above shows it isn´t at 120hz. Moving the mouse shows no difference either. @SolarNova: Many pages says it´s native refresh rate is 120hz or even 240hz. Samsung states 240hz. @badreg thanks, although I don´t understand what you mean.
  3. jdjinn

    Is my 4K TV a defective TV?

    My TV shows no difference between 60hz and120hz. Since it´s the first 4k TV I have I´m not sure if I´m missing something on the set up. Or the TV is simply defective. I´ve used the tests at testufo. The results reinforce that the TV is not refreshing at 120hz. Here are some pics of some tests: mouse and text scrolling. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cRHDD6LUsuIYPmfS-nRZ6KQfqonImrct?usp=sharing at 1920*1080 the results are the very same. How does it look in your 4k TV? Can you help me with a photo of your TV at 120+ hz?
  4. Hi, Some 3 weeks ago I bought the 55 Inch QLED Q60R. After a week it constantly caused the laptop to freeze by overturning configurations or just by restarting the laptop, and the TV going at just 30hz, I basically gave up the possibility of having both displays (laptop and TV) at 120 hz. So if I want to config the TV to 120hz, I have to deactivate the laptop display. Is there a way to have both at 120hz? Suddenly the TV changed from showing 60hz /120hz to 60p /120p. Are 120hz and 120p the very same thing? When I run the refresh rate test (testufo.com) the difference between 120 fps, 60 fps on any test (Vertical scrolling, compare frame rates UFO, mouse arrow) shows no difference. while on the 17.3 inch laptop display the difference is huge. Is this a hint to something not working properly on the TV?) and last: Is it normal for these TV model to have a lower darker screen border? If screen goes white (or any other not so dark color) you can clearly see the lower border and the corners displaying a darker tone of that color. I´m using HDMI port 1 with nintendo switch HDMI cable. and a GTX 1070 (no max q). P.S: Is there a way to reach Google for older cached versions of webpages, not just the last cached version? I think the seller of the tv was making some nasty false advertising with this tv. I really appreciate any help here.
  5. Hi, Yesterday and today it has happened that PC freezes at bios screen (where it tell u to press F2 or DEL). Keyboard will also freeze. Yesterday got a frozen screen after turning pc on (once or twice). When I finally could log into windows, there was an icon on the lower right corner about a problem (usb mass storage device has a problem) . troubleshooting asked me to update driver and restart (what I did) and after that the PC worked fine again. But today got the same problem and maybe worse: Only after some 5 attempts got to press F2 before keyboard freezes. Entered the Bios thing and exited without saving anything. could load windows 10 (pro 64 bit) and there was again that icon on the lower right corner. Troubleshooting asked me again to update driver :(. I suspect it is my 2nd hard disk where I have all my work documents (and games). But Im not sure. Please help me ;). I already took some screenshots but Im not sure wether they´ll bring some light on this issue. Where else can I look and take screenshots to have a better view of this problem? Edit: one more screenshot uploaded.
  6. jdjinn

    What page do u use to compare smartphones?

    Usually the professionals here are also sellers. If they notice u have not enough knowledge on smart-phones, they´ll sell u what no one else is going to buy :S. It will have to wait until I read that page XD.
  7. jdjinn

    What page do u use to compare smartphones?

    custom rom...? What is that? Thanks. NOPE! Im no fan.
  8. jdjinn

    What page do u use to compare smartphones?

    I bought a xiaomi note remi 4 (3gb ram - 32GB memory).
  9. Hi, After purchasing a smartphone. I felt I hadn´t done enough research. I found some pages to compare between smartphone-models and brands, but I´m still unsure if those are the best pages to analyze and compare or they are filled with just information based on comercial purposes (infomercials). What pages do u use to compare between models? p.s: When buying smartphones on internet. Which one do u use?
  10. Well I downloaded and ran that app. This is a screenshot of the results. (I activated in options: show unknown) I found that killer instinct and hallo forge are there. how do I install them on a second disk I have? any way. those 2 games were already installed long before this problem. @toastfacegrillah nope, I dont have iTunes. Dunno if the smartphones are running some back up software, but one was just reset to factory config, the other (the old) just have some documents and some audios.
  11. Hi, I have windows installed on a SSD. Until last week it had almost 110GB free (of 210). Then I had this situation I plugged 2smartphones to recharge and to copy some documents. there was some error and now my PC neither detects the old I had connected hundreds of times nor the newer one. I read, that error wont go unless u 1) edit some (no idea what files), 2) reinstall everything or 3) do some recovery system to go to last working config. I tried the 3rd step which seemed very easy. It was almost done when I got an error. windows restarted and said nothing had changed. Then, some days later I plugged an old usb-memory to copy those files just to remember it probably was infected. I first had an error but then could copy all files needed in it. Now as I wanted to copy some more files, I see with horror that the SSD has only 10GB space free (I havent installed anything this last days). virus? recovery system error? both? some 3d thing? What should I do? P.S: I selected all folders on the SSD and they sum 48 gb. how to know what the other 150+ GB are?
  12. If I understand you, there is no way to run those antivirus? Or there is a way but it is not a good idea?
  13. Hi, Where should I begin...? I downloaded and burned some bootable virus scanners (AVG, Kaspersky...) to run on a laptop and on a pc. The laptop went fine, easy to find a way to execute all bootable virus scanners some wired things found: done. On the pc, a pavilion 23 HP all in one, I just dont get to start any bootable virus scanner. Not even pressing F8 or F10 or F12, which make a message to appear showing system information like ram, windows version... Am I missing something?
  14. Almost found one :S. I had never heard of hyrican striker notebooks. Are they good? https://www.comtech.de/notebook-und-laptop/gaming-notebooks/hyrican-striker-1548-gaming-notebook-17.3-full-hd-i7-6700hq-16gb-240gb-ssd-1tb-gtx-1070?c=2089
  15. Hi, Is there a way to install a recent version of android on this tablet model: Galaxy Note 10.1.? It has android 4.1.2 and In some webpages ppl say u can. In some other ppl say its just impossible. In some others ppl write it is possible if u do a bunch of (to me) nonsense of bogus steps.