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  1. Hi, It is a ornata chroma. Almost one year. No liquid spilled but a full free fall from the table last week. it landed on the left upper corner and spacebar almost fully detached. Since the "failure" happens some times, I was thinking of a program that shows/saves the keys I press so the next time I have this situation, I can look into the log/history and watch if the key was activated or not.
  2. Hi, in the last days I´ve been experiencing moments where I press W or 2 keys and ingame they dont act as supossed. So my guesses are, My keyboard is failing or the game is just a f-mess. I´ve seen streamers who share an overlay showing which keys they press and when. Im thinking of use something like that to diagnose if the keyboard is failing. Any advice of a Programm to use? Tnx
  3. Hi, I have an issue with windows media player. When I try to play any audio file windows tries to open windows media player but it freezes some 40 secs. then it let me closes it and shows a message showing the file path an "RPC server unavailable" I can play those files with any other program. What bothers me: If I first open Windows media player and draw or double click the file, it will play without issue. I already tried some solutions I found on the web, like searching for RPC in "services" to stop and restart it but both are deactivated. Any advice pls.
  4. And Chiyawa Hi, Sorry for not being more precise. Well, best for a family need, it is to back up what they keep in their private PCs: some paperwork, many family memories. Some resistance to accidental drops. it must be reliable, fast for sharing family memories and some 2 to 4 terabytes capacity. A friend needs it for constantly adding new files in many format files and since he is working from at least 4 places: resistance to accidental drops and constant connecting and disconnecting. Also 2 to 4 tb. most seller here just write space and company (ADATA, TOSHIBA, SEAGATE) no reference to model nor write/ read speeds. some write 2,5" (3,0) What makes me guess its the size and USB port. Those models Arent available in my area. Are those marks worth for quality (ADATA, TOSHIBA, SEAGATE)? Any specific model of your preference?
  5. Hi, I have no idea about this devices since I rarely use them. But all the sudden friends, family asked me about which one to buy. I searched for pages to compare external SSD and HD like cpu.userbenchmark dot com but found nothing besides infomercial pages with the usual top 10. And some official pages wont show the read and write rate of many models. what are the best external HD and what is the best external SSD? If you have a link to a good list, I would be very grateful. tnx
  6. a 6700 with 1080. holy. over 10% loss… I guess with windows it wont be better, right?
  7. Hi, I discovered a device at home still dont have the patch for Intel-SA-00088 (Meltdown & Spectre) and wondered how dangerous it is. (no online buying, no sensitive work data is actually being done). Actual use. E-mail, telework and gaming. The thing is, the processor falls short at some gaming and already bottlenecks the gpu (according to some pages at around 15 %). Will the patch destroy the only main use this device has: gaming? Is it now clear the % of loss of the processor? (i.e: is there a page that shows the performance loss for each cpu model?) An last question, if I install it and the performance becomes horrible, is there a way to uninstall that bios patch? lil edit for grammar stuff.
  8. hi, Thanks for your answer I had no idea about that term "multipoint software". Ill start from there. Any advice for some specific software for windows 10?
  9. Hi, Since the situation with the covid has been longer in many countries than initially planed and the income of many families has been heavily affected. I was thinking if there is a way to make a PC work as next: an operating system that allows two screens, two keyboards and two mice connected to a single PC so 2 children (or a parent at work and a child at school) would work at the same time on same PC. Is there a way to also use a second port for audio output so two children of different ages would attend different online classrooms using each a headset?
  10. ISP keeps modem access through 192.168... secret so qos is inaccesible (and seems to be a bad one btw). I musst say I dont understand how to make a passthrough. (Do I need to access my modem?)
  11. No it cant. There is only one router. Could you recommend a some or list of routers that can do that stuff. Since getting a second router seems it will take some weeks, What programs do you use to do any of those tasks?
  12. Hi. Router model: zxhn h108 ISP wont let me choose the router they install the router. (What is a Quality of Service) Internet speed: 10 mb (copper since no optic fiber has been installed in my street). With the actual thing of corona… there should be 3 cell phones connected (as always), 3 laptops (1 more laptop as before) and 2 TVs (as always no 4k stuff available so no streaming taking the hole thing). The thing (because it actually happened): all wifi devices were off and disconnected / turned off. only one cellphone and the laptop connected through cable, cell phone receives some WhatsApp message and the ingame ping jumps up to 400 ms then goes back to normal. Some two months ago it would spike up to 250 ms while playing and having those devices connected but it has worsened to a point where it goes up to 800 ms or worse.
  13. Hi, lately my internet (PC connected through cable directly to modem) has very high latency moments. I have tried turning off wifi what brings the latency to "normal" most of the times. But as soon the wifi is turned on, it almost feels like if someone connected through wifi gets a WhatsApp the latency just goes crazy up. Is there a program that let´s you: - see what devices (hopefully by naming the device) are connected to the wifi - terminate any unauthorized or not needed connection (for example a TV Im not using right now). - Configure the modem in a way so wired connected PC wont ever again be affected by some devices taking all the bandwidth (Something like 50% bandwidth for wired connections and 50% for any other device connected wireless). - Configure modem in a way that cable connected PC will have priority sending and receiving data. - That let´s you know which actual programs / windows services are using bandwidth from the PC and terminate those connections with just one click or mode? After searching on the web I found tons of programs promising some of those things but none seemed reliable to me (webpage full of strange adds). That´s why I decided to ask this here (probably not the first doing so but found no answers on other treads). thanks
  14. Thank you a lot for explaining it to me. I had read in some webpage that the counter in millisecond from MSI afterburner was an effective way to measure input lag. Now that I know it is not and no Programm cant measure it, I then reformulate my question, what Programm can I use to measure the time taken by the PC to render each frame and get the 10% percentile or an average so I can figure out best visuals while maintaining them smother?
  15. Wow. Wait? So I´m now confused. So the MSI afterburner shows the time taken by the PC to render each frame and not the input lag? That explains why in the witcher 3 at 4k the Programm says 30ms but feels like almost 300ms. Can you confirm me that MSI afterburner can´t measure input lag?