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  1. Hi there, The issue is this: Sudenly the phone started today to reboot every few secs, it wont go further the android logo and its not detecting the actual SD it had inside. Any advice about what to do? (Im gonna search for a new SD.
  2. Hi, I recently changed my ISP. At first most games had 40 or 50 ms less than my old copper connection. The first day I run dslreports.com test and while bufferbloat test did crash, any other testinformation was better than expected. Now after almost a month Im having some issues: Adds take many seconds to load. If its a video, it will take sometimes up to start playing (on TV and laptop). playing online gives me almost the same ping as the cooper connection I tried the dslreports tests again, but they now crash and when ping to any server is shown, its over 600 ms (
  3. Hi there, I was searching for information to better understand what CAS is and the importance on RAM when I stumbled upon this document from intel: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/datasheets/xmp-memory-for-core-processors-datasheet-20181116.pdf There it says 6700hq accepts RAM with up to 3000Mhz and the 6700K up to 4300Mhz for Extreme Memory Profile. Does it mean anyone can just buy a new RAM with those speeds and the system will detect those speeds? Or is it just achievable by over- / undervolting and overclocking? I learnt from
  4. Hi there. Lil Update. 1) I fully uninstalled NVIDIA drivers using DDU. Result anfter reinstalling Nvidia experience and drivers: Screen inside windows wasnt off anymore from left and right sides 1( mm of black space between bezel and screen) but the upper side gap is stll wider than the lower ( 1,5 mm to <1 mm) compared to the 3 mm off it´s almost a solved issued. Yet someone at MSI support told me there should be no gap between screen (at BIOS) and the bezel. I sent them this photo showing the black border (it is 3 mm to 3,5 mm wide). Next mail says it musst be "the pan
  5. Hi, it is a MSI GT72VR 6RE. The TV is a samsung q60r 55". Yet another detail: I forgot to disconnect the laptop form tv and the next time I started it, TV somehow changed the NVIDIA configuration (screen placement and number: making TV the main monitor). 2nd Soluton applied: I restarted scale and layout personalization. Nothing changed.
  6. Hi, Somedays ago I had to connect my Laptop to a TV. Since then I have this issues: - upper border is off by 3 mm - left border is off by 3 mm - When I open many windows and documents they wont open full screen and many stay almost out of view (Just a lil border is visible) or will open in a bogus wide (like if I personalized it) and the few that open in full window arent aligned to the already disaligned screen a portion of the X button un the upper right side is left outside the screen. What did I do? Besides conecting the laptop to the TV, I
  7. Sadly no spare fan at hand. Gotta buy a new one and watch some videos about how to install it without damaging the frontal panel (cables etc). Im gonna try that. Thanks for the idea. Anyway I stil need a 3d program to meassure the temps.
  8. Hi, If it has to be one of those you mention, then I would go for the Lenovo Legion Y545. Better processor, Better GPU, more RAM, More Space. Do you have any other option and or budget limit?
  9. @ShrimpBrime Hopefully. Any other programm in mind to further meassure the temps? Now that you mention "throttle": Benchmarks show GPU under the 40% Percentile. Never overclocked. And the cooler is a Scythe Katana 3. Other fans:1 front and 1 back fans. those included with the silencio 550
  10. I tried it, it shows less info for MOBO but no temp. went over 65 . Almost 90 this time. After just 10 minutes.
  11. Hi, Since I use a mid tower Silencio 550 I know my PC gets very hot with just being idle. Some days ago I used HWMONITOR to see if temps are still as high as some time ago (I had removed the foam and stop playing on that PC) just to get this information: (before that snapshop I didnt play nor use it for heavy tasks) Whar are those TMPIN6, TMPIN8 and mainboard temps? What are the normal temperatures for those items?
  12. Thanks for your answers. It really gives an idea of what I could expect. While there are two companies offering fiber in my city, for some reason they wont reach my zone, and worse than that: it´s latency tend to be the same or even worse than tthe bigger but coax cable based company. That coax cable company offers a "gamer plan" but assures nothing concerning latency or anything else. i.e. pure PR BS.
  13. Hi, I was wondering, since most ISP will just show "the advantages" of their download and upload speeds, if there is a page / group / watchdog that will analyze the real service offered by those companies. i.e.: Number of blackouts / interrupted service the ISP has each year, How bottlenecked it is, false advertising, download and upload rates, latency, faulty or outdated infrastructure that may put ppl´s data at risk etc. Do you know of any? reading social media, it seems all ISPs somehow deceive their customers.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if the errors I´ve got the last 10 days have something to do with: 1) faulty RAM or bad adjusted RAM stick after moving the PC to a new place. 2) faulty USB port(s) because of a incident in which I left for a month the PC on/suspended with a wireless keyboard which after that just goes sometimes crazy and keeps writting 11111.... 3) the keyboard above mentioned (Yup, I tried using it again, so maybe it trying to write 1111 just freezes the PC when turned on or after going suspended). 4) dying motherboard because of an electrical power surge
  15. I just played 2 matches in fortnite each time connected to a different cellphone from different companies: ping was 90-100 and 100-110.. Fiber connection was still around 160ish with packets loss. So it musst be some damage from the fiber ISP. Since the internet speed showed so low latency to the local server, it musst be some damage from local server up to NA east servers. I suppose to trace where the damage is is something users like us can´t do. But what can I show them besides the traceroute to show that something is not working properly?