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  1. Good day I have a question. Will GPU's work anywhere in the world? Example: I stay in South Africa with 240Volts grid. Can I buy a GPU from Amazon USA (USA power GRID i think is 120Volts) and install it in my PC? Will it work fine?
  2. Thank you very much! Do like all the feedback
  3. I’ll definitely consider the 5700XT now on my picking list of cards, just waiting for the Black Friday specials and see which card lands in my rig... And then another question, which brand would you guys prefer? I’m a guy that likes cooler temp cards...
  4. After my Gpu upgrade, because its the bottleneck at this moment. I’m definitely considering the new AMD RYZEN cpus as my next upgrade... but how is the 5700XT compared to the 2080 Super in games? Because all the reviews I see show 1080p gaming at max and I’m looking for 1440p gaming real world experience.
  5. Good day smart people My Computer is as follow: i7-4770k with H100i cooler 16gig ram DDR3 msi gd-63 motherboard corsair RX850 PSU and MSI R9 290 4gb GPU Just bought an MSI 32’ 1440p 144 hz monitor and now my gpu is struggling a bit with todays games on medium to low settings. I would like to upgrade to an 2080ti but in my Country its almost $2000 just for the MSI TRIO X 2080ti So I’m looking at a MSI TRIO X 2080 Super or MSI sea hawk 2080 Super... Was wondering must I wait for Nvidia to launch their new GPUs and then catch the price drop specials or maybe get their new architecture gpus, but definitely want the Ray Tracing goodies Any suggestions would be appreciated
  6. Traveling a lot between my house and my girlfriend house, very difficult to transport a 25kg desktop PC to play games. Would like to have a super compact PC to travel light and easy and still play properly games
  7. Does the debug LED on the MSI Z87-GD65 show CPU temperatures? Mine stops at A0... Is this normal?
  8. Another question... I have a Cooler Master V8... will it keep the 4770k cool or even fit on it?
  9. the price difference between the 4670k and the 4770k is like $80(in South Africa)... so that price difference I would rather go for the 4770k... and I am also using my build as a mini workstation... and I am using my pc everyday and multitasking alot... cant overclock my cpu because my mb and cpu bombs out if i change any settings... and my processor is locked 945 ... so I'm stuck at 3.0ghz... thats why I'm deciding on upgrading to the 4770k that's unlocked and I know it will keep me going for a very long time ...
  10. I have a 945 AMD processor, with an Asus m4a785td-v evo mb, and a Gigabyte HD7850 gpu. Is it worth upgrading to a 4770k processor and a MSI z87 gd65 gaming mb? I want to do CrossFire with my HD7850 gpu ... And i want the build to keep me going for at least 5 years before upgrading again...