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  1. Joshakeit

    Shutoff from heat?

    I could fix it for only 350 dollars.
  2. Joshakeit

    Shutoff from heat?

  3. Joshakeit

    Shutoff from heat?

    Yes I have factory reset it 3 times, cleared cashe, everything Samsung support offers
  4. Joshakeit

    Shutoff from heat?

    At the moment my daily driver is a Samsung galaxy s8 and as of late December and early January it has been shutting off, not the way you'd like, it doesn't say Samsung or anything just kills itself even though it has +50% and when I try to reboot it, it refuses to boot and I narrowed the issue down to heat.. when it barely get warm.. like noticeable heat then it kills itself like the heat detector is messed up.. what can I do to solve this.. if i cant find a solution I'm changing phones. Thanks, SquiddyJ
  5. Joshakeit

    Egpu blue screen

    Did? What does that mean?
  6. Joshakeit

    Egpu blue screen

    Yes I made sure I installed all the latest updates of windows and razer applications
  7. Recently I ordered a razer core x chroma for my blade 2016 970m laptop, now I keep on getting blue screen with driver_verifier_dma_violation I cant last more then 2 minutes then I die.. what do I do? Please help!
  8. Joshakeit

    144hz tn panel or 60hz hdr panel?

    In your opinion.. what is better, 1440p 144hz TN panel (no HDR), or 1440p 60hz IPS panel (with HDR)
  9. Joshakeit

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    I think the LG PF 1000U projector would be a great family get together and for a movie night. And when my friends come over, we won't have to stare at a tiny screen, it would be great with my friend's xbox one or my ultimate i7 6700k gtx 1070 pc. It would be an honor to receive one.