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Everything posted by flibberdipper

  1. flibberdipper

    What do you want out of the next windows OS?

    If they could get boot times back down to how they were with 8/8.1, I'd be happy. I can deal with Windows 10 being a temperamental piece of shit, but the total ass boot times (compared to when my desktop was still on 8.1, or especially compared to my laptop on 10) infuriate me to no end.
  2. flibberdipper

    Gaming screenshots

    Taken the night before I tried moving it to my HDD and it completely shit itself after a defrag.
  3. flibberdipper

    who still plays playstation 3 and xbox 360 games ?

    When I re-softmod my original Xbox I'll be using that still on a pretty regular basis. But since it's essentially out of service until I'm able to get controller port to USB adapters, my 360 is getting all of the attention.
  4. flibberdipper

    your most hated joke?

    Those jokes making fun of Chrome's RAM usage are so old by now that it's not even beating a dead horse. It's beating the skeleton of a horse that died a few centuries ago.
  5. flibberdipper

    Best GPU upgrade from a 1050ti?

    As of right now, the most sensible option would be a used 1080, or a new 2070 if you want something new. But who knows, maybe AMD will get off their ass and drop something good by the time you're ready to upgrade.
  6. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Not to mention they also used a different variant of Seagate drive (which was 10GB and honestly better) as well as the disgusting WD Protege drives.
  7. 2004 LeSabre Limited with just under 210K miles.
  8. You better not be yoinkin me forsen or I will hunt you down and make you play Getting Over It until you bleed.
  9. Big gay this is a store app since it's just fancy R15 but whatevs
  10. flibberdipper

    What song are you listening to right now.

  11. flibberdipper

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Hey wow finally someone other than the dude that's posted a quarter million times in a row
  12. flibberdipper

    NIC for gamer (I want to buy Intel Network Interface Card)

    I have an E2200 on my file server's board and the software is ass and whores up cycles for seemingly no reason. Uninstall it and just install the .INF's for the driver and it'll be like literally any other gigabit solution out there.
  13. flibberdipper

    Can a WiFi card overheat?

    While they can (my 7260 is a great example of it), having problems out of the blue when you've had it set up that way for a while seems kinda suspect.
  14. flibberdipper

    Socket 462 cooling

    So my stepdad's old computer has a Socket 462 CPU (a Sempron 3000+, as I recall), and there is a chance he might turn it into an old-school gaming computer. I would like to get a better heatsink for it though, since the stock one sucks. I was thinking about trying to snag a FX-series heatpiped cooler from someone on here for cheap, but I'm not sure if the two are interchangeable. I know that AM2+ and up are all compatible, and apparently the FMx sockets will work with the AM2+ heatsinks as well. EDIT: @DEcobra11, getcho ass in here!
  15. flibberdipper

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Have you used it with Bluetooth or just the dongle? Super curious how they do on BT since I've been eyeing one up for a long while and would use it pretty much exclusively with BT.
  16. flibberdipper

    Scratched pcie connector

    Well considering you need metal-on-metal contact for shit to work, which usually results in scratches, I would be pretty darn sure that it's normal.
  17. flibberdipper

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Someone incredibly my dad built his with an XP 3000+ (still has it in there).
  18. flibberdipper

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    Y'know, as long as performance and compatibility does not suffer AND prices stay the same (or even get lower)... Sure. I'm down for this.
  19. flibberdipper

    Gaming screenshots

    urple metallic gucci
  20. flibberdipper

    My weak link GPU...

    Well it's not a horrible unit so I don't see why not. I'd probably end up getting an RX 580 8GB because those are stupid cheap now. Really just pick the one that'll fit and has the proper connectors on it and go with it. IIRC the only ones to really stay away from are the MSI Armor ones because the coolers are laughable.
  21. flibberdipper

    ZOTAC RTX 20 assembly line (manufacturing facility)

    That music is bumpin. Why can't all factory tour-type videos have it lol
  22. flibberdipper

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    As long as mine doesn't somehow get enough force behind it to mess up other shit (which would be impressive in itself), it's fine.
  23. flibberdipper

    CRT lines and crackling

    If I had to guess I'd say a cap is getting ready to launch.
  24. flibberdipper

    My weak link GPU...

    oyep you're right. All of the pictures didn't load for me the first time around so all I had was the back shot where the shroud made it look like it had one.