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  1. i see, what do you think of the numbers? are they decent?
  2. so, here i have a MSI GE73, running a 8750h (uv -160mv) and a fat (non-max-q) 1070 (OC: memory 550/clock 250, 600+300 creates system instability). subject of testing is gtaV's build-in benchmark down below you will see the game settings bench crashed in the first second. i think it's a gpu OC issue. lowering it down to 525/225 bench crashed again, during the airplane part. 500/200 here we go again 500/200 worked like a charm, below is a printscreen of afterburner and xtu. the benchmark itself was ok, i mean movie 110 fps+, real world gaming (street car fight) 100+, and the big explosion had a 90+ fps (for some reason while not gaming, msi afterburner loses the connection to the GPU, i think it turns off? when not used, wierd..) soo, any tips on how to undervolt my gpu keeping in mind the 500/200 OC ? thanks! Grand Theft Auto V 26-Jun-19 4_52_27 AM.mp4
  3. okay, playing with undervolting caused my windows to crash, and i got these defaults: Turbo boost: 45W, Turbo Short: 90W. which should i increase bit by bit to improve stability and performance? actually i've been playing with the undervolting and got my system stable at -160mV (15 mins of stressing, 1h of GTAV, gta sometimes ran under my refresh rate, 120, which means my machine can't keep up which means it was at full power). undervolting the GPU seems a bit complicated, can't keep up with the tutorials, out of my league (using msi afterburner, current system: msi ge73 8750h/1070)
  4. so let's say i do modify them to the 45/78. what would be my target for a better experience? lowering which one? increasing which?
  5. the 65w values seem odd... i think i might.ve screwed them up some time ago and intel xtu does not have a reset thingy
  6. hi, down you have a graph of intel XTU. i just have gta5 loading screen and main menu (did not get in game) and playing with it's settings and downloading something with 2mb/s in the background. i am a bit worried about the throttle. my xtu settings are: uv: -125mv, Power short max and power max: 65w i am worried about this setting, (the power limit throttling goes to max)
  7. hi, above you have 2 screenshots of my laptop's GPU (1070 non maxq) monitoring. first is when the gpu is idle, and second when it's at 4% (the msi monitoring showed that, but moved to 0% again, msi afterburner graph is a bit slower than that) is it normal to say connection lost to gpu? i know it switches between integrated and dedicated when needed, but i had on my hand an asus strix scar2 and the connection to gpu was always constant. is 200+500 an ok overclock? that's pretty much every youtuber does when attempting to overclock. also, CPU regarding: i did UV: -100mV, increased by 5W the Turbo boost power max (now 60W) and increased the Turbo boost short power max by 2W (92W) idle, fans are silent, using a cooler pad
  8. https://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/ https://www.emag.ro/laptopuri/c?ref=hp_menu_quick-nav_1_1&type=category these 2 are the main sellers of my country. the sites are in romanian but i think it's common sense most of it if you are looking for something through browsing categories 425 RON/Lei = 100 USD *actually, sorry, the 2 laptops are resealed, sold as brand new. i already order both of them so i can pick any to buy
  9. romania, europe. budget is flexible around a 1070 laptop. usage is 99% gaming. weight isn't really a concern since it sits on the table, and battery life is... nice to have i guess? would get rid of for performance. the asus is 1700$ and the MSI 1400$. all brand new
  10. Hello, i am stuck between these two laptops. So, these are their pros and cons on paper: MSI: 17.3 inch display 2x8 ram Steelseries keyboard full rgb keyboard keys 120hz refresh rate 2400 mhz ram speed ASUS: 15.6 inch display 1x16 ram rgb keyboard by zones 2666 mhz ram speed both have 1070 non max-q, intel's 8th gen 8750h. it's good to note that the MSI is 300$ cheaper! same warranty and support by retailer do you guys have any experience with any of these laptops? please let me know, or any advice. thanks!
  11. hi, i am stuck on one of these 3 monitors: 1. alienware 2518h - 240hz, 25" 1080p 2. dell s2417dg - 165hz, 24" 2k 3. dell s2716dg 144hz, 27" 2k all of them have gsync(it's a must), size doesn't matter and let's say all of them are at the same price. my pc: 2600x no oc, will in the future maybe rtx 2060 asus strix oc 8x2 gb ram what would be the smartest choice? i.m a mmorpg guy, league of legends (no esports level) and play the latest titles for a week or so then come back to my daily 6h a day MMOs. i would go for the big dell, and downscale it to 1080p when needed. what do you guys think? thanks!
  12. hi, since the One UI for some reason the under display vibrating sensor doesn.t work anymore. i.ve been searching in all settings and nothing comes to my eyes to fix the problem also, a friend lost it too, but i have seen a S8 with the sensor working. weird, right?
  13. hi, currently I am waiting for my HP Omen 17-an0xx (17.3 1080p 120hz, 7700hq, 1070, 8RAM, 256ssd, 1tb hdd) laptop to arrive, and it has only 1 RAM stick of 8gb ddr4 2400mhz i currently have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK which has inside a 8gb ddr4 2133mhz. there are 2 topics of discussion: 1. can i put lenovo's RAM stick inside HP? is there any significant drawbacks? i mean i read on the internet that there are chances to work or not, but if it does it will limit the 2400 to run at 2133. if it doesn't, it might show a "memory failure error", is that dangerous to the laptop itself? 2. as far as I read about the retailer, people lost their warranties because of upgrading their laptops. official HP support says it's Ok as long as you dont damage anything. can the retailer add extra warranty stickers or glue inside? it sounds really stupid but I dont see any other way they can tell you actually upgraded the ram/hdd/ssd (10 screws to open the back as internet shows)
  14. i.ll teardown home and reply about the battery.s placement
  15. hey guys i am desperate, i just can.t find a battery for sale for my laptop: Hp omen 17-w102nl (17 inch 6700hq 1070 variant). please note i live in eastern eu. dont know if it.s the correct subforum, sorry if not. thank you so much!