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  1. My gtx1070 only need 1x8pins. SOrry abt that, RX580 ran out, I've no choice.
  2. CORSAIR HX1000 80+ PLATINUM // CORSAIR RM1000X 80 PLUS Can one of this PSU hold 6 pcs of GTX1070? For mining rig of course.
  3. yes... will get a better one for sure. I'll temporarily use this one as shown (GT500S), just wondering if it will be fine to run this machine.
  4. gonna buy him a better gpu for his next bday.. hahha. gonna use this one since its lying down somewhere in the corner in my house.
  5. I'm building an i7 pc for my brother for his 20th bday present. All parts are bought just the PSU was from my other build, since I dont need it, may try it on my brother pc. i7 6700k Asus GTX 750 Ti 2G-DDR5 2 x 4 ddr4 ram 2133 = total 8g 4 Led 120mm Fans CM Liquid Cooler Poisedon 120m 240g SSD here goes the PSU... again. Aerocool GT-500S 500W 80+ Bronze Semi Modular ATX12V 2.3 and EPS12V 2.92. 80Plus Bronze certified efficiency up to 85%. Will it work fine?
  6. I've read your thread about PSUs, its nice. Bookmarked it for later use.
  7. yea, im going to, few parts haven't received from amazon yet.
  8. Look at the wattage figure PCPartPicker gives you, then add 100W or 10% to it, whichever is greater. That's the wattage your PSU should provide. learned something here today. thanks man