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  1. Thank you everyone, I certainly learned something new today.
  2. Yeah it is. Hmm, bummer. Thanks for your help and background info. I'll check out office.live.com Thanks again
  3. It happens when it powers up and continues to happen until I either close it or shut it down. It seems to correlate with a light on the side of the computer that I think is indicating hard drive (it is a picture of three disks on top of each other)
  4. Hey so a friend of mine came to me asking me to "hack" Microsoft Office so it would work for her. She gave me her laptop (HP Pavilion with Windows 8) and upon further investigation, I found that Office had expired on her computer. It seems weird because the computer is new as of 4 months ago and from what she told me, there was only a trial of Microsoft Office preloaded on the computer. This seemed weird because I thought every pc that you buy pre-build would have the full version of Office on it. Now I was just wondering if she may have missed a paper in the box with the activation code in it or if there was even an activation code to begin with. If you have had this same experience or have any insight, please feel free to let me know. Thanks
  5. Hey so I have a friends HP Pavilion notebook on my hands and as soon as I opened it up at home I found that there is an odd noise coming from it. I'm fairly certain that it isn't an issue with the fan as I didn't hear any peculiarities coming from that region. The noise is something similar (in my opinion) to a bad connection causing electric signals to jump from wire to wire (obviously this isn't what is happening [i hope]). It seems that I hear this noise when I'm around old computers which is odd because this computer is new as of 4 months ago. If anyone has any guess as to what this sound may be, please let me know. Thanks
  6. Higen_

    Headset advice needed

    What have you checked out so far?
  7. Higen_

    Headset advice needed

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqFk5mNXCJQ Eh?
  8. Higen_

    Headset advice needed

    Do you want on ear or over the ear?
  9. Higen_

    Headset advice needed

    What is your price range?
  10. Hey what would be a good CPU for an AMD Radeon 270x graphics card? Thanks
  11. Hey, I'm wanting to build a computer and I would like to go with Intel but my budget is only around $800. If I were to go with Intel my main choice would be an i5 4670k just because I like newer things (call me stupid but whatever). If anyone has any recommendations as to what I should do, just let me know. Am I crazy? (likely so). Should I go with Intel? Maybe AMD? Maybe a lower end Intel?
  12. All of you must be so high right now or something. This was the best commercial to lay its pixels on this earth. (But in all seriousness, it was actually pretty funny)
  13. I'm rocking a 250gb drive in my Toshiba laptop. I know it's not optimal but you know, whateves. My system is the way it is because I didn't choose my computer. My parents got me this just last Christmas as my old laptop was just bad at pretty much everything (though the keyboard was simply fantastic ) So basically, until I acquire the funds to get an actual desktop, this is what I have and I'd be happy with anything to upgrade my experience.