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  1. I recently had a problem with my internet that when ever my computer was plugged in it would make the internet un-useable. i fixed that problem by moving the router cause the power-line Adapter i had was getting throttled by my computer. I have gotten the same problem in the past couple days again but my computer is no where near my router. I am using wireless to get internet to my pc. Ive speedtested my internet with my phone in the same position as my computers wiif when the computer was turned off and i still get my average 32mbps. But as soon as my computers on, im down to 6-7mbps. I have no idea whats causing this to happen, i was hoping someone on here those Regards, Heath.
  2. I really think that this projector is awesome for the compact size and quality it is able to put out is way ahead in tech, being able to reach 60" from only 3" that is amazing. I'd recon this would be awesome for families trying to stay in the time and a great way to keep them together.