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  1. Mauri

    PUBG to come to mobile

    can't wait to see pugb crash in 240p
  2. Mauri

    CrossOver for Chrome OS (beta) now available!

    I'd rather chrome OS weren't a gimped OS in the first place and made it an actual desktop OS instead of just a browser. Crossover will have the same limitations as wine and won't completely solve the issue of lack of desktop app support
  3. Mauri

    Yahoo hacked again... 1 BILLION accounts.

    dang. my pron registering email has been hacked. all of my pron!
  4. Very nice. If it has good battery life and decent cell reception, this could be good phone for my grandfather. He never got into touchscreens
  5. Mauri

    Qualcomm teases 10nm Snapdragon 835

    Wow 10nm, more efficient than ever! and still less efficient and less powerful than the A10
  6. good thing i use a unique password thanks to my lovely password manager. i also only store porn on mega
  7. Mauri

    Console killer for a friend

    what a shit case
  8. Mauri

    Console killer for a friend

    that's why i suggested the SSD as a secondary addition, and the 1TB HDD as the primary. Also, having more than 1 drive in general is great, even more so if one of them is an ssd because of the increased speeds, because if you ever need to reinstall your OS, you won't have to shift around your documents and photos and stuff to a backup thumb drive or whatever just to reinstall windows. it's very convenient
  9. Mauri

    Console killer for a friend

    agreed. get the 1TB now and later on you can add on a 250GB SSD for the boot drive also you can get around paying 85 dollars for windows 10 if you know where to go
  10. Mauri

    Console killer for a friend

    K model is good, especially for the future so you don't feel like you have to upgrade your cpu to keep up with games. you could just overclock
  11. are you honestly any bit better? before any apple fanboys have even posted, you post this idiocy enticing them
  12. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/11724-posting-guidelines-read-before-posting/
  13. I don't think price is much of a problem, this is AMD we're talking about here. It's the power consumption we should be worried about.
  14. Mauri

    Microsoft bringing its games on Steam

    Games for windows live. Prepare your butthole
  15. Mauri

    It finally happen, TWC has been bought out

    wow 4 upload. they're such a joke