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  1. Thanks that’s quite kind, last time I didn’t extract the file from the folder all the way and it wouldn’t post so I’ll be sure to not do that again.
  2. Temps are fine gpu peaks around 60c, cpu around 58c under load. XMP is enabled, I’m wary of resetting the bios but I think you might be on to something, an error like this shouldn’t survive a full clean install. I’ll try to reset the bios tomorrow, the last time I did i bricked my computer for a couple days so I’m wary of doing it again. Will report back when I do so.
  3. Sorry afterburner isn’t showing frametimes for some reason I’ll try to resolve but here are some of the spikes in the in game one.
  4. Sure I can do that, however the frame time graph in the in game benchmark shows a very dramatic spike and it’s not really a 3 FPS drop it’s a total freeze for about a half second and then it returns to normal and only displaying a slightly lower frame rate.
  5. I assumed that was the case but I wiped windows and reinstalled with the only software being steam and nvidia control panel.
  6. Recently I noticed an issue in Rainbow Six where occasionally the game will freeze for a split-second and return to normal. It's not network lag as it is reproduceable in the offline benchmark integrated into the game. When I benchmark the game I see a CPU render time spike at the same time the fps dips, usually 2-5 frames but in reality its much more than that. I have tried everything under the sun trying to fix this and I'm stuck. The frame time jumps from ~8.3 ms to about 9ms or so but a very noticeable freeze occurs at the same time. FPS drops from around 120 to 117 or 118 and then returns to normal. Its not a regular occurrence as far as I can tell. So far I have used DDU to reinstall drivers, checked task manager for any processes running at the same time, did a clean install of windows, set the game as high priority in task manager, played with every graphics setting I can imagine and much more. The only thing I have noticed to stop the stuttering is turning off vsync/gsync but capping the frame rate to a reasonable number causes the spike to return. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, Zotac GTX 1660, MSI b450 Tomahawk, vengeance lpx 3200mhz DDR4 ram. 550w Seasonic gold PSU, NZXT h500i, Crucial mx500 SSD (where the game is installed), Western Digital blue 1tb 7200rpm HDD. Windows 64 bit version 1909 build 18363.1110. Bios version 7C02v1C. I'm absolutely stumped on this and at this point I have to believe its the CPU itself or the game. I can take a screen recording if it might help but Im not sure it will show up capturing in 60fps.Thanks for any help.
  7. It is amazing quality image for its size and portability