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  1. Hi I have sony vaio running on window 7 with HDD 350GB.But now its running slow so i decide to upgrade with ssd san disk ultra II 240 GB.But when i try to reimage it ssd with recovery created before with hdd but every time its says disk not found and its appear computer cant boot ssd while restore so it choose cd room instead and after no disk errror.SSd is 240 gb and image created before is 350 gb but m trying to restore only c drive of 140 gb but still no success.Boot priority set as first for ssd but it still not booting during restore process but when i install window only on it its working fine i dont know what is going can somebody please help.
  2. sicarius i also think its overheating because when it goes blank the fan sound more then usual
  3. Ross 06187 it fixed now not restart but now now screen just got blank after 8 hours and i have to manually shut down it
  4. Hi So i have a problem with my work laptop which m using last a year but now its giving me issues i find out this a week ago that its turn of itself and on but today it's exceeded all limits like its turn off and dont want to turn on when pressed power only blink with green light and off no display. Sounds like cpu heat issue so I cleaned it and put all together by doing necessary things like thermal paste and stuff it works but after some time same movie playing again i dont know what to do now pls help
  5. Solution # 1 is better choice Cheers mate you so my life
  6. Hello all I have got 3 dell gx620 which stuck on yellow light blinking and no turn on I have replaced the rams cpu and battery I also leave it powered for night but no success is there any solution please help
  7. Ok I have manage to remove it with bios converter but now it's asking for hdd password
  8. Is any one to help please let me know
  9. Hello all I have got Samsung nc10 with bios password on I am wondering if anyone can help. Me to remove it
  10. Yes that's write but I looking for a good configuration that will calculate .bcl or .sha files in less time help will be appreciated