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  1. Im unsure of the problem here...are you having trouble burning the image to the drive with rufus? Or are you having trouble booting from the drive? If its the former I don't know what to say, rufus doesnt want to play nice with the drive. To help you there we will need more info. If its the latter then its most likely secure boot being enabled or a setting to do with legacy/uefi boot options. Try playing with those in the BIOS
  2. It sounds like its overheating, is it well ventilated? Are you keeping it in a cool place?
  3. I would recommend a clean install of your OS
  4. Make sure your phone is set to DHCP IP or to automatically get an IP. On top of that make sure your access point is behaving properly
  5. I think he is talking about the Nintendo Switch
  6. I'm still running an 8350 from when I first built my computer years ago and performance is still completely fine. If all they are doing is netflix etc. then it will be more than enough and considering people have such a hateon for the fx series you can probably pick up the hardware nice and cheap
  7. I'm not super knowledgeable on the issue but if nouveau is still showing up in the log its probably still screwing about. I would hunt for other methods to disable it. There is a launch option to change for GRUB I think?
  8. Ive always found Arctic MX-4 to be amazing but all quality thermal pastes are so closely matched it really doesn't matter
  9. I think its a very interesting way to catch people. It doesn't matter what you think about any leak. Information leaks and NDA violations have a real impact on a company in many ways, its why they exist in the first place. Microsoft felt the need to dole out punishments for people violating their contracts and negatively affecting their business so they came up with a method to do it. I think this is really neat info about a really neat console. But I don't really get the point of your post.
  10. Sounds like there might be something wrong with your motherboard.
  11. There is a decent amount of math you would have to do here, calculate the surface area or the radiators, find out what temperature the liquid will be, calculate the heat transfer from the radiators to the ambient temperature of the room. Maybe google a thermodynamics 101 course to try to figure it out
  12. Discord is heavily related to audio settings, I would check to see if Discord has access to control your microphone volume
  13. Is then when your computer is recently booted and nothing else is running? Some programs will hijack control of your microphone volume and adjust it in the background. This is very common with steam games but it could very easily be something else
  14. So you followed the first part of my advice and did install with only one of the drives attached... Like I said I know Windows really doesn't get along well with other partitions on the install drive but completely separate drives are another story and you wont have to worry if you only have one drive attached during install. Its not like windows can complain about a drive that isn't even attached.
  15. I have a friend who does this by swapping drives whenever he wants to use a different os. That isn't ideal though and I know from personal experience that windows hates getting along with other drives. With that being said. I have a SSD and a HDD, the SSD has windows 10 while the HDD has windows 7. I never boot from the HDD but I still grab files off of it. I just installed the related version of windows normally to each drive, no errors encountered.