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  1. Is there a big difference in picture quality between a 4k panel and 1440p ( i already have a 1080p 144hz that I use for competitive games ) Edit: I should have mentioned but I thought it was standard but the aoc monitor doesn't have a vesa mounting and I have my monitors on a dual desk stand
  2. Hey guys I'm wondering what would be the best monitor for story driven games mostly on pc and ps5, I play most my esports titles on a 1080p 144hz monitor and I'm looking at using a second for casual games. My budget wouldn't be massive (~250 euro)(ireland). I'd appreciate your opinion on this. As of right now I like the idea of 4k for the amazing photo but I haven't really seen 4k or 1440p except for shop tvs. Thanks
  3. Oh damn I didnt realise I was going by reviews and people saying it was good
  4. Ah cool thank you I was looking at the masterair ma410m but was worried about the size its a monster haha
  5. Cool And one final question would the Arctic freezer 35 be the best tower recommendation or would you recommend something else ? Thank you so much for all you help I really appreciate it
  6. In that case would you use a splitter off of the cpu fan header on the mobo or just hook one to cpu and the other to a system fan header
  7. I'll definitely look into this so, on the other side ( or orientation) would the hyper 212 with 2x fans or artic freezer 35 with 2x fans work well aswell, and fit ?
  8. And would this need much lateral clearance because my current ram sticks and wraith cooler are only maybe 2mm spacing
  9. Thank you for the reply if you dont mind me asking what cpu do you run and what type of temps are you getting ?
  10. Hey guys ! I'm currently want to replace my current wraith cooler with a better air cooler ( i feel safer with air and for longevity). The main reason is the temps are running a little warm for my liking and I'd like to bring it down. My current case is the masterbox mb511( spec sheet quotes a 165 mm clearance) and corsair vengeance rgb ram. Would you recommend air over liquid ? What I'm looking for is A quiet cpu cooler Rgb if possible Lower temps and possible extra case fans for rgb goodness Budget around 100£
  11. would it be worth getting something like the artic freezer 34 and replacing the fans with an argb cooler master fans ?
  12. Would a negative pressure or positive be better, I know the 3 intake fans take enough in but having 6 intake and one out flow vs 3 intake and 4 outflow which would be better
  13. masterbox mb511 rgb with the mesh front, one because for the price i can fit in 3 case fans for the top and an aircooler + id have the space ( both liquid coolers are about 100) also for all that rgb goodness. my problem is clearance is not great i have maybe 2mm to the ram sticks ( corsair vengeance rgb )
  14. Hey I'm currently lookong at aio watercoolers for my ryzen 5 3600. The two I have found to be reasonably priced (100 pound) are the h100i platinum rgb and the ml 240r. My current set up is a cooler master case, case fans and corsair rgb ram. So for integration which do you think would be a best fit or would I be better of with an air cool and 3 case fans for the same price Thank you
  15. Cool thank you so much for the help