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  1. Nvm not stable at 185mhz anymore screens went black and game crashed dialing back to 165
  2. Using MSI gtx 1060 3gb oc stable but i want to know if I can push it more
  3. Is it worth it for me to buy a Ryzen 5 2600 and use my a320 chipset motherboard or wait until a can buy a better motherboard
  4. I Have Decide to get the HyperX Pulsefire
  5. My mouse that is 3 years old is starting to play up and i can`t decide which mouse to replace it with out of the HyperX Pulsefire Surge $109 aud Or Logitech Mouse $119 aud I Mainly Play FPS, and Fortnite Of Course But i can`t choose which will be good for me to use
  6. Hey well my PC just crashed I am getting a new psu right now Edit : every things ok and it still booting just had to flush the Power Supply still getting a new one
  7. PattyJ

    K68 or K70

    @JDE the problem with that is there are no big box pc stores around me
  8. PattyJ

    K68 or K70

    i can`t choose red or brown K70:https://www.centrecom.com.au/corsair-k70-gaming-rgb-lux-cherry-mx-brown-mechanical-keyboard K68:https://www.centrecom.com.au/corsair-gaming-k68-red-mechanical-gaming-keyboard
  9. thanks for your help guys and im going to get the be-quiet! Pure Power 10 400w PSU: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/38616/be-quiet-pure-power-10-400w-power-supply
  10. Ok yeah, i thought so because it came with the case i knew that some thing like this was going to happen, just not so quickly
  11. Hey Guys Woke Up this morning and I turned on my PC to hear a weird whining noise at first I thought it was my Hard Drive but upon further inspection (sticking my head closer to the computer) I found it was my power supply,the build is only 5 months old and I have never had any issues before at around Christmas time I upgraded it to a GTX1060-3GB and it’s been fine Intill today. my best bet is the heat, due to our A/C breaking and me living in Australia with multiple 35 to 37 degree days (celsius not Fahrenheit) the computer has been running at around 82 degrees for 2 days now. My Power Supply is a : 500w thermaltake TT-500NL2NK-A Edit : Now that I think about it it’s more of a scraping
  12. I not to fussy about the speed but would i be able to use the os on the drive all ready and just plug in sata and go
  13. Hey Guys can someone please tell me if i can use my 500GB HDD in my new pc build ???
  14. Hey Guys is it possible to run doom on windows 8? i have bought it on steam with dosbox and it runs fine on windows 10 but on windows 8 when i start it it freezes on the cover art no audio plays and than i have to manually shut the program some one please help also i have tried using virtual machines but its the normal resolution and than it shrinks and a single mouse movement is like dragging it across a whole desk By the way in windows 8 when it loads the game it says something about a no mouse swift support but i don`t think that has any thing to do about it please i need to kill some demons