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  1. TL:DR Hey long story short I've been losing a bunch of weight and I can't remember what size shirt I bought for the pack. When I may have put XL, L, or M but I can't remember which one I put and when I go to look at all of the confirmation emails, it just says "LTX Merch Pack (E-Ticket)"; It mentions nothing about size. I wear a Medium now and would like to see/change my order if possible. Thank you. For those of you who are curious I weighed about 250lbs in October and now I weigh 180-175lbs. I've been on what's called a Ketogenic diet. If you are interested just look up Keto diet and you are sure to find things. If I had to give only a few pieces of advice it would be: Don't overindulge on even Keto friendly foods, try to implement Intermittent fasting, When/If you go through the Keto flu, fight through it, Look out for hidden carbs in food/low quality oils i.e (Vegetable oil, Canola oil, Soy bean oil, Sunflower Oil), Don't have too much protein and do research almost daily. A good resource is Thomas Delauer : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70SrI3VkT1MXALRtf0pcHg BTW Cheating on the Keto Diet can wreck you. I literally gained 7lbs from my birthday dinner.
  2. Well the current keyboard I am using is a crappy membrane logitech k120 because I bought it years ago for my laptop trust me it's nothing special at all.