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  1. I would start with the Old systems like SNES, NES, N64, PS1, Atari and Sega systems. Systems like TG16, Neo-Geo, Atari Lynx, and Saturn had such a small run that their prices are too insane at the moment. I have all of the above except a TG16 as they were very scarce when i was growing up as a kid! My cousin father got his in Nashville, TN as the part of GA i had lived in wouldn't even carry them.
  2. I'd slash my budget for the chair, put another 100-150 for a better 1080p monitor!
  3. Okay thanks for the tips will go look at them in the stores when i get a chance.
  4. I am entering the market for a 4k TV at the moment. Can anyone recommend a nice TV thats not OLED and is around 60+ inches for viewing and playing a PS4 PRO and XBOX Scorpio on!? OLED is nice and all but I'm not willing to shell out 5k for a screen that big yet!
  5. Good luck with that! Even microcenter dont have any GPUs for sale!
  6. Also my rigs are running amd 8350 and 2 of those r9 290's i purchased off craigslist for 300usd for both a few months ago. I got the 2 other cpus for 65 usd also from craigslist. I had extra ddr3 lying around and got 2 cheap ssds from Mircocenter for 66usd (cant remember the gig's they are). my setup is cheap but it has made money several times over and more! My last months power bill was only 177usd in a 3 bedroom house that is average in the US and I live in south Georgia!
  7. I did stratis coins and dbix. but i did these when the were a whole lot easier to mine or cheap to buy! example i took 50 usd and purchased like 400 coins when they were a fraction of a penny. I dont look for big coins to farm, i look for cheap easy coins and doing the Warren Buffet style...sit and wait.
  8. Not really. You have to find coins that actually have a use like Etereum, bitcoin, or ripple. Same was said about bitcoin when it was 50 usd and now look at it over 2600 usd! Corporations are investing in those currencies. Hell even Microcenters are sold out of GPUs of all kinds!
  9. It's a little late for the Ethereum bandwagon! I have 2 rigs running about 2 months now for cheap currencies and now since the market for those went from a few fraction of cents to 6 usd in that time frame. Lets say this I have enough to buy a luxury car or Muscle Car ( Dodge Hellcat ) if i wanted to now, but i'll hold out for something I really need.....A HOUSE! Im using my old R9 290s ( 3 of them). Prices of those cards have inflated exponentially. look for other coins to invest in or mine.
  10. Looks like someone has stole that Ebay account! It should be protected by ebay if you purchased!
  11. Hmmmm I just purchased it too just for sheets and giggles!
  12. Well simple then stick with your current set up! LoL!
  13. If your mind is on intel then get it! Do you game mainly?
  14. If you are talking about gaming then yes! If content creating, streaming, rendering and multitasking then no! Rendering is done about or better than my old 6900k for half the price.