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Jack Dvorak

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About Jack Dvorak

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  • Birthday 2004-01-19

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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    MSI x370 gaming pro carbon
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB @3200mhz
  • GPU
  • Case
    White NZXT S340
  • Storage
    1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    EVGA B3 550
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VP247 and an AOC LM729
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Aukey km g3
  • Mouse
    Logitech g502 PS
  • Sound
    Logitech g430s
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Jack Dvorak

    I need help

    Could it be drawing to much power?
  2. Jack Dvorak

    I need help

    Nope no warranty. I’ve had the card for 1 year and I bought it off of my dads friend and he had it since like a month after it’s launch so.
  3. Jack Dvorak

    I need help

    A while while ago should I use ddu and install the newer one that just came out recently?
  4. Jack Dvorak

    I need help

    So I have a MSI rx 580 8gb and my games have been crashing lately with it, black screen, windows then appears and is showing the crash report for the game. And now, it just went black, has been that way for an hour. So I fully powered it off which was holding the power button for 10 seconds. Just a tap wouldn’t turn it off as it usually does. The monitors will now show no input whatsoever. Please help.
  5. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    Olay well I have 750gb on my other drive and 250gb available on the ssd and I really just wanna transfer the os and then obviously some games later
  6. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    and i can transfer os while in windows on the samsung magician software? that's the part im confused about mainly
  7. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    but i have those steps correct tho.... right?
  8. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    live life on the edge
  9. rx 580 kinda sucks peen ngl for at least what i do but it gets the job done for sure and has an amazing value
  10. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    alright how exactly would one go to do that, i dont have any extra drives..
  11. Jack Dvorak

    Installing 970 Evo 250gb

    So I just got this, and I want to know that I am doing everything correctly in my mind. I still have yet to obviously install it, hence I wouldn't be here asking for help. 1. Install it physically into the motherboard 2. Make sure it exists in BIOS 3. Open samsung magician and transfer windows? ( I don't know if this is possible or not. ) 4. Happily ever after? I don't know if this is right, if anyone could correct me, but I would like to transfer windows and some games, hopefully without redownloading everything because my internet would take an estimated 4 days 23 hours 18 minutes 16 seconds (thanks to downloadtimecalc) to download 750gb of stuff that is already on it.
  12. Jack Dvorak

    Fixed it!

    So I had some issues with my internet and I reset both routers and went through all of the settings since I didn’t change much. It turned out to be the mtu size was bigger on the modem and smaller on the router. Also my parent crosses there legs and there feet tend to pick at the cables, so we moved those up and out of feet’s harm. Hopefully this fixed it, as it instantly connected this time.
  13. Jack Dvorak

    Bridging router and modem issue

    Welp I fixed it, new post will have details.
  14. Jack Dvorak

    Bridging router and modem issue

    3 months old.
  15. Jack Dvorak

    3 pin fan on a 4 pin motherboard?

    yeah they work, just make sure it is in the right way sometimes there is a little clip/latch