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    Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI x370 gaming pro carbon
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    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB @3200mhz
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    White NZXT S340
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    1TB WD Blue
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    EVGA B3 550
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    Acer 1080p monitor *shatterded* and an old square one... new one arriving soon
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    Aukey km g3
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    Logitech g502 PS
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    Logitech g430s
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Uploading to Youtube

    do the math, see how long it should take, and then see what is wrong then. You may be expierencing some random slow times.
  2. Got my ASUS VP247QG

  3. Got my ASUS VP247QG

    24 inch monitor. 75hz. Freesync. The displayport cable it came with won't work idk why, will freesync and the 75hz 1080p still work with HDMI. EDIT: It says it is at 60hz. How do I turn that up to the 75Hz it is supposed to be at. And I figured out the display port cable.
  4. Does this headset work with my Motherboard?

    Yes you can just plug 'er right in
  5. Got a few questions to ask you guys

    I would certainly get a better motherboard, that one will have to undergo a BIOS update and it doesn't have many features, it would definitely be worth it to get maybe an x470 or whatever the second series b350 is. I would get a better tier power supply. And in the BIOS you will have to manually over clock the RAM which really isn't too hard to do.
  6. Need new headphones

    well it comes down to preference, do you want to use the audio technica for other things or no? personally i would go with the corsair void wireless because they are comfy asf imo.
  7. First PC build - I need your advice :)

    you may need an x470 board to avoid hassle but there is a chance its already updated.
  8. Stupid question, But I thought I might ask

    The only thing we can do is just buy an ssd for our game drive.
  9. First PC build - I need your advice :)

    pretty sure he wants a bigger monitor...
  10. First PC build - I need your advice :)

    Trust me, that monitor is NOT worth it... extremely over rated. You can get one that is just as good for around 300. check out asus, they are one of the best in the monitor game.
  11. Do I really need an SSD?

    My HDD works just great, my boot times are 30ish seconds to the password screen... it isn't that slow and I don't think it is worth it to spend 150$ more just for like a slight improvement, I truly actually don't now how much improvement there would be.
  12. First PC build - I need your advice :)

    16 gb of ram isn't necessarily needed, 8 works just fine for all games and google chrome running, but yes he should get a cheaper monitor, get a better mobo, and an ssd.
  13. First PC build - I need your advice :)

    Basically it means the max is whatever it says, if it says 3200 on there, it will work. I would suggest a cheaper monitor as 700$ is outrageous for a monitor. You should probably get a better motherboard to avoid the BIOS hassle with gen 2 ryzen. cheaper monitor better mobo
  14. New monitor

    I don't know lol.
  15. New monitor