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  1. Hello, so I've recently reformatted my pc, and whenever I open any adobe applications (like illustrator, photoshop, after effects, etc) my computer audio gets distorted and messed up. It also does it sometimes when I boot up my pc. This started happening yesterday and I'm not sure why.. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nwffZ8 these are my specs, and for audio I use a pair of hyperX cloudX headphones and a H6 handy recorder as an amp.
  2. what am I supposed to do aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. K so I'm trying to look at my .dmp files and I got to here, https://gyazo.com/299d243973a259a6961f1e269fdcfea5 I don't understand any of this, I don't even think I'm doing it right, I need heeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  4. Hello, I recently got a BSoD and I don't know what program I should use to read my .dmp file, any recommendations?
  5. hey so i just bought an i7-6700K and a z170 motherboard right before the i7-7700k and z270 chipset came out. i still didn't open my stuff, should i return them and get the new stuff?
  6. i would want the razer blade stealth with the 4K screen please i make alot of GFX/VFX so i would prefer that
  7. i don't really think i'm gonna overclock
  8. eh i checked its only $20, i guess yeah i can buy the asus one
  9. hello everyone, i would like to ask witch one of these cards should i get? i'll use my pc mainly for editing and some gaming. all comments are appreciated
  10. alright haha, any recommendations for 1080p ultrawides?
  11. i can see that haha, but are 1080p ultrawides bad?