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Jordan Johnson-Verburg

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  1. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    Off topic chit chat

    I miss Reddit Video... would see random shit like this Yip yip happy happy happy boing boing boing
  2. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    How long do you guys usually sleep?

    I understand not wanting to waste life away but sleep is friggin important. The National Sleep Foundation will tell you it depends on age. around college age it's supposed to be 7 to 9 hours of sleep but we all know what happens in reality due to the nature of college demands. I used to be this way too, wanting to sleep as little possible. Recently scientists have found during the REM cycle of sleep, spinal fluid seeps into your brain to leach toxins out from your brain which it them deposits to the rest of the lymphatic system to rid of the toxins. Unlike almost all other areas of the body, your brain does not have lymph nodes to clean the toxin build up from an average day. In adults only about 20% of their sleep is REM cycle and usually doesn't happen until roughly 90 minutes from the start of sleep. So if you're sleep is minimal by choice rather than by circumstance then you're likely doing more harm than good as far as quality of life and perhaps even duration.
  3. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    If the CPU is the Brain..

    Instead of a body analogy I tend to use a city analogy. CPU - Town Hall where most important decisions are made and deligate tasks GPU - The creative arts center! Most visual tasks handled here RAM - Those circle roundabouts for traffic flow - I guess a better analogy could be billboards that have information on them that easily switches out Mobo - The roads routing to these different places PSU - Power supply "company" HDD - The homes of the civilians "stored" in the city, The whole city can only handle as many homes their are in the city to "store" people in it. I imagine using analogies like this for electronic components on the entire computer is how the concept of the movie Tron was developed back in the "grassroots" of computer technology in the 80s.
  4. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    What's your favorite thing to say - tech support

    I could see how it looks that way but in the work culture I was in we were just having a good bit of fun
  5. Jordan Johnson-Verburg


    I know there is a TeckQuickie suggestion thread in the forum but this obviously doesn't apply to your idea. I could see something, perhaps not as long of a duration done for Channel Super Fun. Perhaps there's a suggestion thread there!
  6. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    What's your favorite thing to say - tech support

    And it's remarkable how many times it works lol. I would say that I love to make up parts of the computer that don't exist and bang it around a bit before actually solving the issue. Or make obscene comments before finalizing the issue and saying it likes to be talked back at.
  7. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    How Do You Take Your Coffee?

    As black as my soul
  8. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    AMD Radeon Settings not working properly

    So I've encountered an issue where my AMD Radeon Settings crashes every single time I try to access the Display portion of the settings. The program crashes with this error and clicking debug does nothing: I have an AMD Radeon R9 200 series card which according to Device Manager is completely up to date for drivers. If I could get any help from this I'd highly appreciate it. Have been dealing with this for a couple months now.
  9. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    is it ok to rest my feet on my pc

    I guess my counter question would be... Why?
  10. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    What the Heck ever happened to the Intel Compute Card?

    Slightly off topic but this isn't a continuation of the Intel Xeon Phi co-processors is it? If not what happened to those!? Wondered if it would be good to use for a render workstation awhile back and I don't see anyone doing that with them so I never bothered. Plus cost, whew!
  11. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    Anybody else find a lot of fun tinkering with old or slow hardware?

    I literally LOL'd at this. I know your pain. Any ways, I have this weird obsession with trying to make media center streaming PCs with the littlest hardware possible. Whether it's a Pi, Pine64, or old atom thin client PCs. The dream would be to also stream Steam with the older hardware but I have not had a playable experience yet with the old intel atom thin client I have with nvidia ion graphics haha. Also want to incorporate having the LED backdrop setups like Lightpack which I have both a kickstarter version and a pre-kickstarter version sold off of ebay from the same Russian dude. Since it screen scrapes and averages the color per screen cap box to designate color to the LED array while streaming content it can be quite intensive for lower powered systems which I have yet to find my perfect balance but Raspberry Pi 3 has done the best per dollar performance of all of these I've used so far.
  12. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Oof that is rough!
  13. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Holy shit this thread is 4 years old and still going strong! Crazy. Any rate I'd say my worst tech mistake I made was letting my dad help me put together the family computer. Sounds harsh but hear me out. It was a HP HTPC back in the early 2000s that had a TON of self install things. After hours and hours of fiddling, finding drivers, installing the OS and all the initial setup and updating that comes with getting a computer, we were doing one of the many updates to Windows when my dad found the IR remote that came with the computer and hit the power button. Well it actually shut the computer down somehow. Perhaps a fluke but totally bricked the OS and had to start ALL OVER. Bless his heart though, he had to press the red button... the temptation was real lol.
  14. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    LTT should do something with this

    HAHAHA I could see a product like this with someone trying to get 20 external GPUs with 2 of the 10 3.0 usb hubs plugged into their Laptop... What? Can't hear you over these fans and bottlenecking and perhaps a hint of ignorance. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-PowerIQ-Charging-Macbook-Surface/dp/B00VDVCQ84/ref=sr_1_28_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1506583973&sr=1-28-spons&keywords=
  15. Jordan Johnson-Verburg

    How did you all become so smart? (Not sarcastic)

    Cheers! A Lannister pays their debts.