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  1. The Display Ports on your card are used to connect your Graphics Card to your monitor
  2. Hey everyone, I just picked up a pair of Sennheiser 58X Jubilee and am super excited! What I am now wondering is what everyone suggest for a mic. I know a lot of people suggest the Antlion Mod Mic, but does anyone have experience with any other? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I bought some Thermaltake Riing 12 LED fans a while ago (link to fans below). I was able to set them to a color that I wanted and when I powered the PC off and back on the color would come back, they are plugged into the controller and the controller is plugged into a fan header. I have recently purchased 2 RGB strips that plug directly into the RGB header on my motherboard and they connect together by a 3 pin connector. Ever since I bought the RGB strips my Riing fans no longer keep the color I set them to when I power my PC back on. I need to manually set the color on the controller (which is stuck on the backside of my motherboard tray behind the back panel) every time my PC is powered on. Has anyone experienced this before? https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Pressure-Adjustable-Anti-Vibration-CL-F042-PL12SW-B/dp/B014QW98SC/ref=asc_df_B014QW98SC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309751315916&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15158795608539109826&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9060220&hvtargid=aud-645589642778:pla-435089564360&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=67183599252&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=309751315916&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15158795608539109826&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9060220&hvtargid=aud-645589642778:pla-435089564360
  4. Are you sure you dont touch any settings? I have a 1070ti (overclocked) and play Apex on 1440p, havnt touched any settings and pull 115 FPS max. And your pulling this with a 1070 (non Ti) on 1440p?
  5. I have a 1070ti overclocked and I run 1440p 144hz on mostly all the games I play
  6. I bought a 1070ti off of Craigslist about 3-4 months ago, overclocked it the day I got it and it is still running like a champ, no issues at all.
  7. I run a full test with Unigine Heaven every time I change the clock, how do you suggest I do it? Max out the Core Voltage and Power Limit and then do Core Clock and Memory Clock +5 at a time? Should I do +5 Core, run test, then +5 Memory? Or find the max core first? It was weird because this only started happening
  8. This is what I thought, it was just weird that it only started happening. Should I max out the Core Voltage and Power Limit?
  9. The card typically dosnt reach those temperatures at stock, I have not experienced any crashes at stock at all.
  10. Good Afternoon LTT, I have been using an Asus Cerberus 1070ti for a little over 3 months now, been very happy thus far. I have OC the card using MSI Afterburner with +135 Core Clock and +335 on Memory Clock, it was working perfectly up until about 1 week ago. I have the Voltage and Power Limit maxed out, and has never caused an issue in the past. The temp on the card rarely reaches 70C under load with the custom fan curve I have on, when the card does reach 70C or 71C the game crashes. I have opened event viewer in Windows and it shows the NVIDIA driver has failed. I have not experienced any problems up until now, has anyone experienced this? Do you think the GPU is not getting enough power from the PSU?
  11. Good Afternoon LTT, Recently I have been experiencing some issues with the NVIDIA driver crashing on my OC 1070ti, while I thought it was because the OC was not stable I have ran numerous tests through Unigine Valley, Haven, and 3DMark and they all come back fine, no crashing/artifacts have taken place during any of these tests. I have uninstalled drivers with DDU, reinstalled the newest, reinstalled games that crash (not all games do) and I have kept an eye on afterburner while playing and the card rarely hits 70C while under load, but when it does thats when it starts acting up and the crash will happen. Opening up Event Viewer in windows shows that the card is fine but the Nvidia driver has crashed. I have reapplied thermal paste and temps have dropped around 3C and the crashing occurs less frequently but I want to get to the bottom of this. I want to make sure that my fans on the inside of my case are set up the way they should be and get everybody's opinion on this issue. Currently I have an EVGA CLC 240 with 2 120mm Thermaltake Riing fans and 2 more 120mm Thermaltake Riing case fans and have some questions about the fan setup I currently have. Below are how I have the fans set up in my case: Front of case : Fans pulling air in|Radiator|Front of case Top of case: One fan pushing air out Back of case: one fan pushing air out My temps are pretty good idle with the GPU sitting between 35C and 38C, and the processor sitting between 20C and 32C while idle, I feel like the fans in the front are not pulling enough cold air into the case due to the radiator being in between the case and the fans. Is there a better way to set this up? Should the fans be in between the case and the radiator? I would like to hear everyone opinion on how to set this up the proper way so I can take the card getting too warm out of the equation even though to me it seems like a software problem that I can seem to figure out. Thanks in advance everybody!
  12. Should have put that in the post, id really like to spend under $400, I would probably have to catch one on a sale for that to happen though unfortunately.
  13. Hey guys! Looking for a nice 1440p 144hz IPS panel. Let me know what you guys got and how you like them!
  14. Do you use windows scaling making the desktop 1080p? Or do you use ingame resolution scaling?
  15. Wouldn't playing a game at 1080p on a 4k monitor make the game look terrible? would it not fill the whole screen? If it did wouldn't it look all pixelated?
  16. Yeah I got a 6gb 1060 SuperSuperClocked by EVGA, so it's a quite more powerful than the normal 6gb but still not enough...
  17. Yeah I can imagine! The only reason I have the 1080p 144hx is cause my GPU can't push 144hz on a 1440p unfortunately.
  18. I figured, I already have a 24" 1080p as a secondary. Figured I would be able to benefit from a 1440p because I typically watch Blu Ray and other high def media.
  19. Thanks for the input, I've never had a 1440p monitor before, so I'm really just looking for a standard 1440p with not many extra features, it's really just gonna be used for other apps while I play games, movies, internet browsing and so on. Would 1440p look good at 24" or would that scew the resolution?
  20. Hey guys, Just bought myself at 24" 1080p 144hz display for gaming. It hasn't even come in yet and I'm already looking for a 1440p monitor as a secondary for videos, web browsing, daily use. I don't need anything fancy, no high refresh rate, no 1ms response time. I heard the best size for 1440p is 27", is this true? Let me hear your suggestions! Thanks
  21. No problem! Also keep in mind EVGA will sometimes get stock and sell them at MSRP on their website! I wasnt lucky enough to get mine cause they sell out fast but check back frequently!
  22. Check this one out, currently on sale at Amazon. I dont own it but have heard great things about it. Thinking of picking it up this weekend! https://www.amazon.com/AOC-G2460PF-1920x1080-Adjustable-DisplayPort/dp/B01BV1XBEI/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1527251339&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=AOC+144HZ&psc=1